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29 June 2010 - 09:59 AM

Please can someone help me out?
I was flying my std b-series rev the other week, and as i went to pack it away a dog decided it wanted to say hello and promply trampled all over my kite. I had a quick look at it and it just looked like the material had just been streched abit and would settle down with a bit of time.
However, today i was taking some photos of my kites ( for insurance purposes as i am emigrating to Australia). i noticed that it not only had streched the sail but it has also put a small hole in it about 3mm.

Now the help i am looking for is.
Can it be fixed?
If so, how?

Can i buy just the sail from somewhere?
If i can buy the sail only where can i buy it from?
I am in the U.K.

You know it really annoys me. i keep my kite under control i wish the ones with unruley dogs kept them under control. My wife saved and saved and got it for me for my birthday and i was so proud of it.

I look forward to some advice.