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In Topic: Buying first Rev kite. Confused on what to get?

27 March 2009 - 05:03 PM

They're friendly folks out there, and a few passionate Rev fliers... You'll have a blast. Would love to make it myself one of these days, please say hello for me! :D

Will do John. Let me know when you make it this way. I will definately hook up with you to enjoy a day of flying..

In Topic: Buying first Rev kite. Confused on what to get?

27 March 2009 - 09:35 AM

John Ferrell. ;)

Fabulous! The event appears to be the 19th of next month. I will definately be there. If any of you happen to be in the area, hope to see ya there...

In Topic: Buying first Rev kite. Confused on what to get?

26 March 2009 - 06:33 PM

Definitely get something in the 1.5 series, whether it's an EXP, 1.5 SLE, or B-Series. Get the standard sail if it's your first Rev; although you'll end up wanting a vented eventually (and fly only your vented whenever possible, since it's so very nice), it's probably going to be a lot less frustrating to learn on a standard first. That is, unless you get sustained 12+mph winds every single day.

I personally liked the 1.5 SLE standard to learn on; the SLE rod is nice and thick and seemingly indestructible and gave me the confidence I needed to learn quickly. No need to worry about smacking headfirst into the ground whilst I unlearned two decades' worth of dual-line muscle memory. You will, of course, want some skinnier spars when you get better (I generally use my SLE rod only when the wind's very high now, like 30+mph), so the B-Series might be a better bet if you're reasonably confident that you'll stick with it (and like the sail patterns, which I personally don't). The 3-Wrap 1/4" frame that the standard B-Series comes with is also very durable and is unlikely to break during learning, but it would certainly have made me very nervous if that's what I was learning on. :ph34r:

Also, one thing that the SLE leading edge seems to do, is make the kite fly faster and more radically. It's kind of fun sometimes to put a tail or three onto the rev and just zoom around on 85 foot lines in high-ish winds. Plus the inertia the SLE generates can give you some really nice-looking double axels. If you're interested in the speed-and-power aspect of Revs, SLE rods in a 1.5 will kind of give you more of that zippy, powerful, solid feel that the Blast and the other speed series kites have, but then you can swap in the 1/4" rods for some ultra-precise Zen flying.

Excellent info! Thanks a million. I'm very excited to get my first rev and begin the voyage. As far as the Fort Collins festival, as soon as I figure out when and where exactly, I will be there.

In Topic: Buying first Rev kite. Confused on what to get?

26 March 2009 - 03:13 PM

I would recommend one standard and one vented B-Series or normal 1.5. The reason for this is that the two kites will be able to cover all those different wind conditions. Plus, the rev 1.5 is a great kite to help you learn how to fly a quad line kite, and it will even serve you well in the future when you want to do more fancy things with it. IMO, it would be easier to learn on a 1.5 rather than a Blast, then of course, you could go and buy a Blast after you have the basics down on a 1.5. I know all of this seems like quite a financial burden, but if you buy one, most likely you will end up buying more any way.

From what you are saying and what I have been reading in the other foums, it sounds like you are correct. Do they make a mid-vented B-Series? Or is that an "add on" to any Rev? It sounds like that might be a decent option for me as well for kind of an in between. Any thoughts on that?

In Topic: Buying first Rev kite. Confused on what to get?

26 March 2009 - 02:24 PM

I have been looking at a lot of different types of Rev kites. I am very interested in the Blast, but am confused as to which kite might actually be the best for the money and vented, mid-vented etc.? Things of that sort. Any information would be greatly appreciated.