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Do you adjust knots on top or brake line?

26 August 2009 - 01:56 PM

I've started making my top pigtail with only one knot and using the brake line knoted for adjustment.

Seems cleaner and with less knots there's less to hang up on.

Also stays consistant for adjustments.

Not sure I ever want lines even. Thought it was better for low wind but following forum advice tried more brake and like it
in even lowest winds.

If this works out I guess I can shorten brake lines a couple of knots worth. Less stuff to flail around.

So how do you adjust? See any flaw with just break to adjust?

Sorry if already polled but haven't seen it

This is my first poll attempt hope I got it right.

easier line moving

26 August 2009 - 03:56 AM

Don't know if anyone else has this problem but changing where my line is on the handles brake pigtails under load has been tough.

Kite is landed LE down and there is pull on the lines; trying to move larksheaded break lines has been a struggle. Both sleeved and unsleeved with the usual small extra loop to pull, I've found the line difficult to release and relocate.

Started using about 1.5 inches of 90lb bridle line tied to the big loop with a simple slip knot. Just ignored the little loops I already put there.

Find it much easier to release and change knots on the pigtail.

I've only done handle brake lines as I don't change upper pigtail and so the usual set up there and at kite is unchanged.

New member q's

19 March 2009 - 11:17 AM

Bought rev1 about 1990 broke a spar and bagged it for close to 17 years while I persued duals.

Accidently ran into John B at Albuquerque Ballon Park during kta show couple ofyears or so ago. He gave me a few min on the new B and inspired me to have another go.

Bought a 1,5 sul. Wanted light as possible as winds are hundreds of miles inland, in shadow of mountains, parks a basin and altitude is 5200 feet. Like that old blues song,
if it wasn't for bad winds I wouldn't have no winds at all.

Circumstances led to almost no flying next couple of years.

Circumstamces recently improved.
Got out the old rev 1 - compliments to Rev - it looked good as when it went in the bag 'bout 17 years earler. No fade or bleed, stitching fine. Changed to new bridle (thanks AWOC for considerate help). Even enjoying the wing wrap effect as point of learning sail loading control.

High winds 8 - 25 flying the 4 wrap 1. With the 4 wrap it needs some wind to maintain lift at my altitude. Control can be rough. < 10 the sul. It was a great choice for that.

No funds available for more kite buys and so thinking I'm
going to try and make a trade on another forum Swap. Have several high quality duals Mamba, XRT UL, KFX UL, all in qood shape (no holes, rips, heavy use, mods) with no time to fly. Concentrating on other duals. One of my lifes better problems.

Want a rev as I've come to prefer them for 10mph + winds.
Also really enjoy switching between duals and revs.

Thinking of trying to trade one for B mid vent. Seems more likely thought I'd have better luck finding a standard B or full vent.

I'm ideally wanting a B mid-vent with RR. Hours lurking convince me its my best choice for about 8 - 15 and then throw in some p series or the 2 wrap. Biggest issue is reported smoothing winds without to much power loss. Exactly what I want.

Very rough winds. Feel concerned full vent would be often underpowered with the on/off/switching/swirling/ground sucking (an actual creature virtually invisable lifts its wide sucker mouth from the ground trying to lunch on unsuspecting kites -this is not a crash but an actual ground attack - hasn't been reported in tv/ papers as the Travel Bureau doesn't want to scare parents of soccer playing kids) /gusting winds.

100 ft of line and I feel like I'm flying in three time zones.

Finally, my questions;

1. Do you think a full vent would be underpowered/mushy with such inconsistant and high altitude condidions?

2. Could I get a standard B and do hot cut holes for mid vent effect. Is the mid vent in the position of the outer closed vent on the standard?

3. Also considering a SS Vent but if offered a non-vent what do you think of adding holes. I'll persue advice of hole placement if it happens for either. Also holes vs vents.

4.. Considering a standard sle I can hole vent but don't want sle rod and would need more to work out fair exchange. Same question re standard sle vent as the B vent and concerns of underpower in gusty on/off winds.

Want to close first post with thanks especially to JohnB & Rev and all for much enjoyable and enlightening info. Haven't been able to make an event in last five years since WISKF(sp?) & KP2 but I keep a good thought. Yearn for sea level, lab wind and other kiters. Forums are my virtual kite life.

Thanks for and advice.