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In Topic: Unauthorized copies

19 January 2010 - 05:39 AM

With the amount and variety of Chinese knock offs and the at least hundreds of millions of dollars involved I can't really see an effective or cost benefit way to stop them.

I've been looking at headphones lately and discovered that Ebay is loaded with what appear to be counterfeits of the well established Sennheiser line. They can't stop even that and there is a lot more money in the headphone business than in the kite business. There are warnings and info about this and a buyer can decide.

If I buy a pair I'll be sure its the original. I can expect better quality and accountability if there's a problem. Stressing quality and accountability is probably a lot more effective than telling people something they're doing without malice is unethical.

If I Youtube'd kites and saw the rev videos that would do it for me.

A piece of a bigger pie might well be had in the long run.
A bit of lemonade might be made with these lemons.

I could probwbly comr up with more corny sayings if I tried.

Sportkiting dual and quad is tiny. Those selling knockoffs advertise, get people involved and put kites in the sky that many more people will see.

Yes some may be satisfied with a knock off or might be turned off by one but they may well be motivated to check Google or Youtube or the local beach for something better. After all, isn't a core truth of this forum that revs are like peanuts; can't stop at one.

I may be wrong and I'm not trying to tell anyone how they should feel or protect their business.

There a plenty of product types where there are cheep generic products and then there's the are the originals. Different identity and business plan.

Just saying it may be better all around if someone flying a knockoff got a friendly reception and something like, "You should try the original. Check Youtube". There are one or two fairly decent Rev fliers there. public/style_emoticons/default/sign_kitelife.gif.

Even teams. public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gifpublic/style_emoticons/default/w00t.gif:blink:

In the U.S. there are plenty of people for whom original and American made is a selling point.

Anyway might as well look on the bright side.

In Topic: Winter comes

04 December 2009 - 02:08 AM

Some seasons back I took a pair of tight fitted warm gloves and cut a bit off the first two fingers. Just enough for the feel I want.

Put a slit across the inside middle of the thumb so its covered but can come out as needed.

I have as pair of the gloves that come without fingertips but this way I only freeze whats needed.

In Topic: B-Series, B-Series Vented or Mid Vented?

24 September 2009 - 12:24 AM

Reverse octagon.

I can't even draw one!

In Topic: nite shot

21 September 2009 - 04:12 AM

I think you saw a UFO and just assumed it was the kite.

In Topic: Buying a used Rev 1

16 September 2009 - 03:05 AM

From what you've said it seems like your trying to deal with low winds and basic skills with your next purchase.

I don't believe a rev 1 with the same weight rods and line will fly lower than a 1.5 B or 1.5 sul.

Learning on a 1.5, in the b series is the choice of many here. Seems like it might actually be easier. The 1 is slower and bigger with great looks but the 1.5 is less prone to the beginners dreaded bowtie flip.

People more experianced than me can set you right on this.

If the kite interest you mentioned includes dual lines I think a 1.5 would give you a more similar feel with speed and turns. Its faster than a 1 and not as fast as a 2.

Either way race rods will give you more wind range than two wrap which has been the standard for low end. They'll fly as low or lower maybe and certianly higher. Less prone to destruction by gust. It also makes new better because the races are fairly new and not as likely to be found used.

Same place you could get the Sedgwick - not knocking it by any means- could get you a 1.5 set up with the race rods.

Then you're looking at SUL or B series as probably best choices. SUL might get you a little bit lower and B series will get you wider range with raves about its flying. An sul might be a bit harder to learn on but somewhat less $.

Just saying I don't think you can say Rev 1 necesarily would be better for you than 1.5 of whatever flavor. Race rods on any are great if you can handle the moderate cost increase for the real increase in wind range.

Maybe this will get you more feedback and something to think about while you're getting ready to do it.

I don't recall a thread with the theme of "what's easier to learn on and keep flying in low wind - 1 or 1.5?" Think its a good question and there are people here who can answer from lots of experiance.

AWOC could certianly discuss all the ins and outs with you and get you sorted and happy. Rev has very knowledable retailers whoever you choose.

You also mentioned John B. You tube has about 1.34 million vids of him bringing out the best in both series. Search Relvolution kite Baressi.

The only problem is that your choices are between really good, really good and really good.

Sorry if I've thrown in any confusion but I've always felt that the buying choice is much of the fun and entertainment.