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For Sale: Power Blast 2-4 (Brand New)

01 May 2009 - 04:28 AM

Hello all:

I recently purchased a new Power Blast 2-4 kite and I absolutely love it. The problem is... I'm taking up full kiteboarding and this Power Blast 2-4 is now an "in between kite". I still have my Rev II which I also enjoy. The kite is in brand new condition and has the 200 LB lines and extra rods. I only flew it about 5 times while I was away on vacation. The new kites for kiteboarding is a significant investment and the boss has told me I have to scale down my "quiver"... I am therefore reluctantly selling the Power Blast to anyone who is looking for a good deal. The kite was purchased for $445.00 and comes with all lines, handle, carry bag etc. With taxes and shipping, it was almost $550.00 delivered.

I will sell the complete package for $399 as is to the first taker. (no tax) You can send me an email if you're interested to johnhscott@mac.com. I will split the shipping costs in half with the new owner.



Package Includes...

Spare spar
Laser Pro Gold Lines, 200 lbs x 100'
Instructional DVD
Kite bag

Span: 120"
Frame: Advantage Graphite
Wind Range 10-20 mph (for power applications)

Manufacturer: Revolution Kites
Price: $469.00
$469.00 Aqua-White
$469.00 Black-White
$469.00 Red-White


11 March 2009 - 07:48 AM


As promised, I tried to fly my Power Blast 2-4 and make it pull a sea kayak around. I should point out that it took a while to get to know this big kite and keep it under control. It has a tremendous kick to it and the power position is small, but when you hit it, you'd better be hanging on. I should also point out that the winds have been well in excess of 20 mph each day and I only took it out when they got down to the mid teens.

Yesterday, with the help of my trusty 13 year old son, we got the PB flying in about 18 mph winds and actually got it to pull the two man kayak all over the reef... sometimes at quite a clip I might add. I did dunk it once and it was challenging getting it back out, but I did it.

Twas quite thing to see....have video too...!!


"Power-Yaking" Video....(a short ride)..

Traveling with Revolutions...

23 February 2009 - 05:30 PM

I just recently received my new Power Blast 2-4 and am anxious to let it rip.... I do a fair amount of traveling working in the airline business. I could probably get the REV through security as a crew member, but traveling on personal business, I suspect the TSA security people would raise their eyebrows. Does anyone have any feedback on traveling via airline and specifically through security? Since the Power Blast is that much bigger than my old Rev II, I decided to engineer a travel kit which I just finished. Even the baddest of airline rampies won't be able to harm this bad-boy.

It's 4" light PVC and cut to give me about 3 inches longer than the kite when slid in. It holds the handles, but not the lines (which I can bring with me onboard). I glued a PVC cap on one end and taped it up with yellow duct tape to help in locating if wanders off. I also drilled two holes for rope handles and importantly, a hole through the cap and the tube itself so I can install a small combination lock on it.... I'm taking it away next weekend and I was able to wrap up both the PB 2-4 and my Rev II with handles and all....it also has a small foam pad at either end... these kites are "bunker-ized"....

comments on travel?


Revolution Power Blast 2-4

10 February 2009 - 04:46 PM

Hello all:

Glad to see that Rev has a website to exchange ideas. I've owned a Rev II for many years. I have to admit that I've not flown it a lot for some time, but hope to change that soon enough. Many here have commented on how "squirly" the Rev II is.... since its the first one I owned, I never noticed. Yes, it took some time to master, but I think I became pretty good with it. I would usually draw a good crowd when I flew it. I could do most of the advanced stuff and make it sing with power dives stopping it 8 inches in an all out dive straight down.

I've just purchased a new Power Blast 2-4 and its being shipped as we speak (type). I wanted a kite that had a lot more oomph to it and could possibly venture into some mild power work with boards etc. I spend a fair amount of time in the Caribbean and the northeast tradewinds are steady and predictable most of the time. I have a small two place sea-kayak and I'm hoping to (once I get comfy with the Power blast) try "powering" the kayak around with the kite.

I'd like to get some serious feedback on those who know the Power Blast 2-4 well and tell me if this is doable.... basically anything experienced Power Blast folks have, I'd be interested in hearing...

Many thanks