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03 March 2009 - 07:30 AM

What a great time!

I just wanted to throw out a few well earned "thank you"s to everyone at the party.

Kite Connection Dave. B)
what a great guy! more energy than I could imagine in putting this party together, as well as keeping everyone feel so welcome for attending the event. Also, thanks for hooking me up with that custom Rev SUL (lime green/black) and all the necessities to get it into the air. now begins the adventure of learning how to fly it in lite winds. . .

Johnny B. . . :ani_yahoo:
Had no idea who you were, but you came up to me and gave me a bunch of great information on the basics of learning the Rev and making changes to the setup on my handles. Now I see why you're held in such high regard in the kiting community. A real Pro, and a great guy. What more can I say?

Lolly. . . :wub:
What a sweetie. Willing to listen and offer suggestions on who to turn to when the questions begin to arise on how to fly, what to adjust, and when to call to get bigger/better/faster Rev's as the skills develop. Looks like I'll be adding another number to my speed-dial list. . .

Jim Mc. . . :ani_victory:
first person we met when we showed up on the beach Friday morning. He answered quite a few of my questions in regards to the party and made sure we'd be able to get registered ( since both my friend Lyle and I had no ide that we'd needed to register to fly) and was just a friendly face and a relly nice guy.

everyone else at the party. . . :rainbowwave:
Thanks to each of you that I had a chance to speak. Everyone was so friendly and willing to share their thoughts and ideas. Looks like there's a list of organizations I'll be joinning in the near future. . .

Jeff Bigelow
(the guy :crazy: in the fluroesent green shirt)