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How many forums do you belong to?

15 December 2009 - 03:55 PM

Being a member of several forums around the world, there are very few I actively participate in on a regular basis. The odd topic will entice me in, but 99.9 percent of the time I look and say nothing.

Having recently created a forum with another kite flier, we wanted to discuss and make people aware specifically of CAMPING and KITE FLYING events for 2010 that most of us kiters attend, creating a single point for reference and information. As it is just for fun and something to 'do' with friends in the winter months, it has been quite successful, and liken it to the atmosphere in someone's awning where we gather for a laugh and chat, not always about kites, and always light hearted.

Why some people just come, look, and say nothing…dawned on me today as I am equally to blame when dipping onto other forums. Personally I do not have enough time to flit from forum to forum. It is hard enough to catch up on threads if I didn't look in at least once a week and I never have the time to read every posting, and if I did say something without reading it all it could be repetitive and I would look stupid. I think I joined all these forums over the years to READ information, cars / kites / RC clubs etc.

Today I realised all my input by words and photographs into 'our' forum is read like a magazine (as I have always done) but as the author of most of the posts it would be nice to have some feedback and TOTALLY unlike a magazine every member can express their views and even start a conservation off!

This is my way of apologising to the Forums I have not participated in sufficiently, but thank you for the membership that allowed me to selfishly read your authors 'informative' threads without any contribution from yours truly!

SO…….How many Forums do YOU belong to?

And…How many do you actively post in?

Mine is 8 Forums (and I am posting this in all of them!)

And actively participating in just the one due mainly to lack of hours in the day!