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In Topic: How many forums do you belong to?

01 January 2010 - 09:53 AM

I posted this thread on the 15th Dec and ONLY remembered I did so today, the 1st Jan 2010, and returned to see what happened with it. I am impressed, its good to chat on here! The 8 other forums I posted it in had between 1 and 2 replies!!!

Of course I forgot that a lot of readers (me included, sometimes) don’t feel they know everyone enough to voice their opinion (understandable) and then as I have found every forum has a different 'board' and not always easy to navigate around or post on, from what one is used to. This forum is one of the easiest to navigate, congrats to whoever is responsible for it.

There is probably a thread somewhere saying HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY, but I am doing my usual ‘flitting’ around forums and haven’t looked. Just packing for the Ahmedabad Kite Festival in sunny, hot India in a less than a week now!

Wishing you all a freezing New Years greeting…

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