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First- time Rev buyer

03 December 2008 - 05:04 AM

Hi all,

So, I'm looking at buying our first Rev as a Chrimble present for my girlfriend. I've read through a lot of the posts on here and it's been really helpful, but I've just got a couple of questions before I buy, if that's ok?

I guess I should start with a bit of background, by way of a forum introduction and hopefully it'll help you understand where I'm coming from and what we're looking for.

My girlfriend and I are coming from the world of Power Kiting. I got hooked a few years ago through a friend and ended up buying a 3.5m Ozone Samurai which despite numerous attempts on my life has served me well. Coincidentally, my gf has also been into Power Kites for a few years now, and has a more extensive collection; a 2.5m Bullet, a 5m (I think) Beamer, a Pro 10 or something similar, and some generic 2-line delta stunt kite. Oh, and a Flexifoil buggy, which has spent most of its life taking up too much space in my spare room. The kites that get used the most are probably the Bullet (cos it's just ace) and the Samurai (cos it's mine). I can't remember the last time we cracked out the Beamer as it's just too big and clunky to be any fun; it'll be great if we ever put the buggy back together I guess, but a lot less use at taking the heels out of my trainers scudding across a damp beach in the north-west of England. We're not out every weekend, I guess we'd fall into the 'occasional sunday afternoon' category.

I'm looking for a stunt kite that's a bit of a change of pace, something that's a bit more technical and has a bit of finesse, and after trawling t'interwebs it seems that the Rev is, well, about the only sane choice. I was initially confused with the myriad of different options, but thanks to the forum I'm pretty much decided that what I want to get is a Rev 1.5 of some flavour.

First question is which model. I've pretty much ruled out the B series due to budgetry concerns. By the time you've factored in lines it's over 200 quid, which is a bit much for a present that I'm not sure that she'll actually take to. I'm thinking that if we really love it then the B can be a future purchase perhaps. That leaves us with the EXP and the SLE (well, and SLE vented I guess). I don't mind paying a bit extra for a better product, and I do have concerns that with the EXP we might outgrow it (though there's always eBay). However, I'm suppose I'm looking for something that's going to stand up to a kicking whilst we're learning, and something that's as versatile as possible given that the weather here can be ... unpredictable sometimes. The EXP seems to tick both these boxes better than the SLE as far as I can tell, and I've read a few negative comments on here regarding the SLE spars which make me think that perhaps the EXP is in balance a better purchase.

I spotted on a retailer website that you can buy replacement spars, so I could presumably add a bit of versatility to it at a later date. Would I be right in thinking that all the 1.5 parts are interchangeable, including on the EXP? If so, they sell them all as separate bits, what would I need to get? Am I right that you'd just replace the leading edge for different weather conditions, or do you swap out the entire thing? (The website llists end pieces, centre pieces, verticals, and a kit which seems to be a lot more expensive than two ends and a centre). Sorry if I'm being a nub but coming from foils this whole 'frame' thing confuses the proverbial out of me.

Next question is kind of a combination of where to buy, and which lines. I've spotted a couple of retailers, the first is the ubiquitous kiteworld.co.uk which seems to be everyone's favourite here, however I've also found thehighwaymen.co.uk who are cheaper (though their name doesn't instill me with confidence!) Price aside (I know kiteworld will price-match), the two retailers seem to be bundling different line sets. Kiteworld list them as including "Laser Pro Gold 90lb/80' lines worth 35" and The Highwaymen show "90lb/75' competition grade Spectra flying lines". Is there going to be much practical difference between the two line sets? I've only ever flown on stock lines and know next to nothing about them.

The other thing I wanted to ask is, do they come with any sort of kit bag? I know there's an official Rev bag you can get but it's a bit overkill when I've only got one Rev to put in it. Is it worth snagging a stuff sack at the same time / anyone have any better suggestions?

Anyway, oops, sorry, I appear to have gone on a bit. Thanks in anticipation of your replies anyway, hope you can help.