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B-series Race Rods

14 October 2008 - 01:19 PM

I have a non-vented B-series and have a few questions for people with the race rods.

1) Under what wind conditions do you take them out and use 2-wrap or 3-wrap frames instead?

2) In the lightest of winds (2-3mph), are 2-wrap rods better than race rods? I know race rods are a bit lighter, but 2-wraps are more flexible and might catch more wind in the sail. Any first-hand experience?

3) If you had race rods and were going to keep one other frame, would it be the 2-wrap or 3-wrap frame? When using the 2-wraps it in conjuction with the race rods in the LE, it can be used in higher winds and still remain quite light for a wide wind range. When using race rods + the 3-wraps, the kite can be conceivably be used with even higher wind capabilities. Which are more useful to have in addition to the race rods?

Power Blast 2-4 as a First Quad

18 September 2008 - 09:11 AM

I want a PB 2-4. I know that it's best to learn on a 1.5, but it's the power of the 2-4 that interests me the most and I don't want to spend the time/money learning a trick kite just for the "training" aspect of it. Please give me your thoughts on this plan: I'm thinking that I might try to learn on the 2-4 on days/areas with very light winds. In my area, those days are common anyway, and under very light winds I understand it might even be easier than keeping a 1.5 up. Then, as I get better, I can use it in stronger winds.

So my bottom-line question is, would it be possible/practical to take this approach or am I just setting myself up for frustration in trying to learn with a kite that isn't made for beginners? If I'd like to end up with a 2-4, is learning on a 1.5 a "necessity"?