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#93992 Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, are a Rev fliers best friend......

Posted by Steve808 on 15 November 2013 - 10:29 AM

Thank you Rev. for these Diamond rods. 


I am personally now calling them my Diamond Magic rods.

I just started to fly on a set of them last week. 

Normally the wind in the SF Bay Area in the fall and winter drops out and is usually not flyable a lot of the time. Last week,  the wind was 3mph at most with a lot of it under 2mph.  Normally if I wanted to fly, a lot of the time I would be backing up, flying a bit, then waiting etc.

The wind sock ( kite that a light pole ate) was just barely wiggling on the pole, showing under 3mph. Single line kites, weren't even staying up until they got over 120 feet.

It was like magic using the Diamond rods.  I was flying (1.5 fullsale w/100ft lines) like I was in 4-6mph winds using racing rods or other rod sets.  I have 3 sets of race rods.  I tried each set and it was a struggle to keep the kite up, let alone maneuver and enjoy the flight.

Using the Diamond rods, I can fly now in this wind.  They have opened up a lot more days to flying and fullilling my addiction.

While flying using the Diamond rods, a young kid came over and wanted to know how I was flying my kite when his diamond kite wasn't.  It was magic of course!

I love these rods. 

John Barresi turned me onto these rods at the Nationals this year at Seaside, Oregon. 


Thank you John and Thank you Rev.


Steve Lewis