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#28937 Adjusting for reverse flight

Posted by Jules on 04 September 2008 - 04:56 AM

Hi to everyone! I'm having problems with reversing the rev too but first I'd just like to give you a quick intro to myself. :blue-confused:

My name is Julian, I'm British (From Staines) but I live in Nancy, France. I love all sorts of stuff: remote control aircraft and helicopters, magic, playing the guitar, golf and all sorts of other stuff too. Obviously the only problem with all of this is that I never have enough time to do all these things regularly!! I'm new to Revolutions and kiting jargon in general so I apologise if my vocab is not up to spec.

Anyway, enough of the intro and back to the topic before I send you all to sleep.

I can make the Rev reverse horizontally but the same stalling sort of problem that Bob is having applies when I get it upside down. If the kite is high up it will come down fairly rapidly to around 3 to 5 metres (9 to 16 ft) from the ground. From there it becomes unstable and consistently wants to correct itself to the upright position. I also find that I can stall a tip pretty easily but that may be normal but because I don't have any other previous experience or contacts here I can't check that.

In reading this thread I see that nobody has directly mentioned the anchor points on the kite. My idea is that if you change the position of the bottom anchor point, nearer to/or further from, the end of the vertical spar, perhaps the reverse control is affected. I imagine this will affect the amount of flex that will be induced on the spar and probably the angle of attack and wonder if this isn't exactly what is needed.

So the acid test. How far is the knot for your bottom anchor point on your bridle from the loop in the Ferrule?

In measuring mine, I have put the end of the ruler on the nearest side of the knot to the end of the spar, pulled the bridle taught and measured to the nearest side of the ferrule where the bridle passes through it.

My left and right sides are not identical: Left is 27cm and the right 26.5 cm. That is approximately 10" 5/8 and 10" 1/2 respectively.

I suppose that there must be some kind of template in the revolution workshop to tie these in the same position but wonder if discrepancies can occur and cause this problem.

I hope this is pertinent and useful.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Best regards,

Jules :kid_smartass: