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#54390 Travel Frame - how is it?

Posted by kitecowboy on 13 July 2009 - 09:45 AM

Oh that's very good to know. We often have light winds here in Vancouver, well at least I think of them as 'light'. What mph is a 3 wrap designed for?

well I only use my 3's in my full vent. I use race rods in my full sail and sometimes 2 wrap but by the time the wind is up to 3 wrap range I switch to full vent (I dont have a mid vent, YET.) with two wraps. the wind has got to be in the 15 mph range to go to 3 wrap. I dont know if that is what is recomended by Rev but I usually go by the flex in the le. and i,ve never broke one either. I'm sure that sooner or later someone will be on with some first hand experiance. I'll just wait till Rev builds some travel race rods.(hint hint, Ben.) :) . my dilema right now is the "silver bullets". :wacko:
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