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In Topic: Anyone have any experience with WindPower Sports

10 September 2008 - 01:39 PM

Hi all,

Just managed to get hold of Corey, he now tells me he was waiting for my colour choice to come in.
Kite is being posted by USPS express as originally requested, so hopefully I'll have it within 2 weeks.


In Topic: Anyone have any experience with WindPower Sports

10 September 2008 - 01:08 PM

Are you sure you are talking about Corey at Windpowersports? His shop is basically a one man operation and doesn't currently have other employees (I think his girlfriend comes in to help from time to time but not sure)... You might be talking about a different shop by mistake. I do know that Corey was out of the country this last few weeks but is back now, that may have also delayed your order.

The following text is pasted from the reply I got to the third or fourth email I sent after the initial 6-7 week wait:

> -----Original Message-----
> From: WindPower Sports Orders [mailto:orders@windpowersports.com]
> Sent: 25 July 2008 00:21
> To: Mason, Michael
> Subject: Re: FW: WindPower Sports Kites Order Confirmation
> 2017-9507-3822
> Michael,
> Sorry for the delay.
> Your order got caught in an employee problem that has been resolved
> but resulted in a number of orders being misplaced and not shipping.
> I have your Rev 1.5SLE and Guide right here and I'll ship them
> immediately.
> The Post Office does not provide tracking numbers like UPS.
> Corey


I imagine 'immediately' to mean posted on the same or next day.

When I placed the order originally, I opted for the USPS Express delivery
which does have tracking and insurance cover. The windpowersports.com website
states to contact them for a tracking number if there is a problem. I am still waiting to receive this
tracking number.

Michael Mason.

PS I have ordered several kites and goods from this store before. The longest wait I had was 6 weeks.

In Topic: Anyone have any experience with WindPower Sports

10 September 2008 - 01:35 AM


Can anyone reassure me that WindPower Sports are a reliable mail order shop?

I've been watching all the Revolution demo videos and got fired up to buy a couple of kites. I'm in Marbella Spain and the local shops don't have anything, so I googled Revolution and found WindPower Sports in Las Vegas.

I placed an order for some kites and lines and got an automatic order response. Then I emailed them a few times since I want the vented B-series and the we site was unclear as to what I'd bought. That was three days ago and I haven't had any response.

Before I start worrying I thought I might post here to hear what sort of experiences others have had.

As a followup question: I decided to order two kites since I was placing an order which would need to be mailed to me. However I have never flown a 4-line kite, nor have I even seen one other than in the videos. I ordered a 1.5 SLE and the B-Series vented (I hope), but then started thinking that maybe I should have asked other peoples opinions as to what to get as the first two kites.

Reading this forum there are a few people who like something for some speed (the supersonic) as a second kite, however most people asking he question have flown for a bit before they order their second kite.

My flying experience is some limited kitesurfing and some low end dual line kites.

Many thanks

Is anybody else waiting for kites from this shop. I placed an order for my first Rev 1.5 SLE nearly 18 weeks ago. After no sign of the kite after 6 - 7 weeks, I started
sending emails. I got a reply stating that there was an employee problems and that my kite would be posted out immediately. I've waited another 5-6 weeks and still no sign.
I've been sending emails for the last 2 weeks, and all I get when I phone is an answering machine.

I've placed other orders with several other shops in the USA using USPS Express delivery. I received tracking comfirmation both from USPS directly, and the retailers.
All goods arrived within 5-7 working days. The order I placed with windpowersports was also for USPS Express delivery. I've received no tracking information whatsoever.

I've seen a post on the revolution forum by someone who had difficulties with windpowersports with a delivery back around April/May, the reason given was that there was a backlog problem.
If this is the situation with my order, then I think I should have been notified of the expected delay and given the option to cancel the order.

I am now awaiting a refund. I will let you know how I get on.