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Fishing line experiment

16 May 2009 - 06:33 AM

Anyone tried using Powerpro fishing line for flying ?

Am skint and can't afford the rip-off-Britain prices for Spectra flying line. I have a set of Shanti 90# x 120ft. I only use them for team flying and it's gone all "woolly" after only 6 months (pretty hard) use. We've had a couple of occasions when 3 or 4 sets of lines crossed and they seemed to 'lock' together and all kites came tumbling from the sky - I think it may be because of my woolly lines.

Am experimenting with this fishing line because....

i) it's 100% Spectra

ii) it's made by the same folks who make Laser Pro Gold see bottom of page here... http://powerpro.com/..._advantage.html

iii) it's less than 1/3 the cost - got 500 yds 80# yellow for GBP 38.00 delivered from here ...
500 yds makes 3 x sets of 120 ft lines.

iv) I want to try the 2 rev stuff like Steve De Rooy - v v cool

So far

ROBUSTNESS - appears ok. Flew some 50# stuff in 20mph wind with home made vented rev-like quad.

FLYABILITY - out of the box you can get up to 15 wraps before losing too much control but it squeaks, loudly. - used some 3-in-1 Silicone spray, applied with a rag, this problem solved but will this spray cause others?

DURABILITY - unknown. testing begins now

COMPATIBILITY – unknown – but can understand others not wanting to risk their own expensive lines in team flying if I'm on this stuff