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Upcoming Events Calendar

22 September 2008 - 04:17 AM

Hello Everyone - Here's the Deal - I'm new to kiting and Revs

It is extremely hard for someone new or the general Public to find out about Kiting Events. (unless you know what you are looking for or where to look) I did a search on Yahoo for "Kiting Events in WA Sept. 2008" - here are the results -Click Here- Search Results

I am totally amazed that information about upcoming events, competitions, and festivals about kiting are so hard to find. I did not know what AKA, KTAI, WSIKF, or all the others were without hours of research.

I think there should be ONE page (calendar style) dedicated to nothing but Upcoming Kiting Events (just the date, location and a link) on the INTERNET that everyone can easily find and access. (it should be linked on every home page not just in the forums)

It should probably be the #1 topic for everyone in the industry and fliers as well. (hint, hint Kite Industry People - KTAI, AKA, etc.,etc.,etc.)

*****More Spectators = More Fliers = More $$$ = More Events = More Fun *****

PLEASE POST - UPCOMING EVENTS, COMPETITIONS, and FESTIVALS on the Calendars provided so everyone can find them in one spot.

John Q. Public just won't read a bunch of separate forums and look up tons of acronyms when looking for something to do with his family next Sunday.

I will help make this happen in any way I can - Thanks for reading - Mike (One World One Sky - One Event Calendar) tee-hee :prop:

Seattle, Washington Area

18 September 2008 - 02:19 PM

Hey Folks - Looking for other Rev flyers to fly with in the Seattle area. (especially South - I live in Centralia - south of Olympia)

I would like to know some of your favorite spots to fly. Also, I would love to meet up with ya'll sometime for a little group flying.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thanks Mike