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Any good places to fly in Vegas?

30 July 2008 - 01:23 AM

Heading out to Vegas for the next few days and want to know if anybody has some good spots to fly in the area. I won't be
throwing all my money away at the Casinos, more likely at Wind Power Sports and Wind of Change, but
at least I will be going home with my pocket lighter and my kite bag heavier... Thanks for any info...


Snapped Line, what to do???

24 July 2008 - 01:13 PM

Hi everyone-
I am new REv flyer, just bought my lime/black B-Series this past weekend and flew with some of the folks
at Liberty State Stunt Kite Comp on SUnday. Scottie was teally helpful in teaching me the basics. So my
problem is today while flying my bottom left line snapped about 5-6 inches from the leader on the bridle
side. What can I do to fix it? Or do I need to buy a new line??? I'm a noob so please excuse if this is a
really basic question. Of course the wind got better after the snap mind you... :kid_cussing:

I've atatached a photo of line...

Marko M.