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10 June 2008 - 09:55 AM


1 My name is Todd Anderson and I'm a kiteaholic.
2 I have more than 10 kites.
3 Mostly I fly dual line kites.
4 The last time I flew was two weeks ago.
5 On that day, I flew these kites: Easy Light and KL Extreme.
6 The local people at the park call me ?
7 Soccer players a space waster.
8 The next kite I'm considering is a(n) Rev B-series (but first I have to get my Rev 1.5 that is being shipped.
9 I'll fly SLKs whenever I'm at the beach flying my duals.
10 I'll fly dualies whenever I'm at the beach or park.
11 I'll fly quads whenever I get mine in the mail.
12 My favorite place to fly is the here and now.
13 When I fly, I usually have to split time with my family.
14 If I listen to music at the field, it's most likely classical.
15 The best color on a kite is red.
16 The worst color on a kite is mylar.
17 My favorite color combination on a kite is red/black (but maybe it is because I dont own that combo).

Note that this is my first post! :blue-confused: