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In Topic: Blast 2-4 LE repair

19 March 2011 - 01:29 PM

After taking the other two LE spars out of the kite I found a second break. The ferrule joining the left LE spar to the center spar cracked in half at the joining point. However, I cannot find any evidence of damage to the left or center spars (not even wear around the edges).

I haven't been able to get the old ferrule out of the broken right LE spar or the broken half of the ferrule of the left LE spar. (The "glued side"). With a different kite I used hot water to weaken the glue. But hot water hasn't work for these ferrules. Any suggestions?


In Topic: Blast 2-4 LE repair

19 March 2011 - 12:12 PM

We have replacement spars in stock nearly all the time. I have never had just a ferule though, normally once a rod breaks it does enough damage that the spar is useless. Also, if the rod breaks and you replace the ferule, the rod would be too short to use.

I can probably order in some ferules for you. The replacement rod is less than 25.00, not sure if the savings over purchasing a ferule vs. the rod would be worth damaging the sail.

Just my opinion is all.

I have a new replacement rod (came with the kite), but it doesn't have the ferrule. I was thinking of maybe taking the ferrule from the broken spar (it doesn't appear to be damaged) and using it for the new spar. Or would it be best to get a new ferrule to put in the replacement spar, I'm guessing they are pretty cheap.

In Topic: Blast 2-4 LE repair

19 March 2011 - 08:30 AM

Thanks guys,

The extra replacement rod that came with the kite does not have the ferrule. Can I swap the ferrule from the broken rod as long as i inspect it for damage? Again, I havn't been able to find ferrules for the Blast 2-4 online. (I've also searched to rev website a few times with no luck).