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#67637 Flying Line Question

Posted by Jeepster on 26 March 2010 - 08:32 PM

Lasor Pro vs Shanti Lines.................Posted Image

Actually, the answer could be different depending on what you're flying.

Lasor Pro line is stiffer than Shanti line due to the coating that it receives. If you're flying dual line kites and doing slack line tricks, then you might find the Shanti line to be better. If you're flying Revs by yourself, you might find either product to be acceptable. But, the second you fly quads with others, then the Laser Pro line is hands down the winner. The more open braid in the Shanti line will lock up much easier in group flying.

The above focuses on 90# line. If you're using 50# line, then Laser Pro is a better choice even when flying Revs by themselves.

My opinion only ...

@Dano ... neither, I favor Chrysler products .... especially Jeeps!!!


#64759 Suggested line sets

Posted by Jeepster on 12 January 2010 - 08:40 AM


One of the great advantages of Revs is that you can fly shoulder-to-shoulder with others. That adds an entirely new dimension to kite flying. But, it's best if all parties are flying on the same length lines. 120 is a standard line length for team flying. Check around with other Rev fliers in your area and see what they use for the intermediate line lengths ... 75' to 90' being the most common. The IKE club members have settled on 80' lines as their intermediate length ... Kite Party requires 75' lines ... I think the Brits use 90' lines. Very little team flying is done on the shorter (50' to 60') lines, but some dual flying happens, so ask the locals about that length also. The 20' to 30' lengths are almost exclusively used for individual flying in the lighter winds, so no problems with what ever you choose.

With the winds you're talking about, 90# line will do you well for all lengths. Some others might recommend 50# for the 30' foot line sets. Don't even think about following the power kite tradition of using lighter lines for the bottom pair ... the disadvantages far out weight any advantages!!

If you want to stretch your dollars on lines, you might investigate making your own line sets. There are several good threads here on how to do that. If you can tie your shoe laces correctly, you can probably make line sets. Plus, you'll eventually have to learn to equalize the lengths and that's the hardest part about making line sets. Buy good materials ... Laser Pro would be my suggestion.

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Posted by Jeepster on 23 December 2009 - 05:53 PM

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