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In Topic: for sale 2 Neos Omega's

14 June 2010 - 11:58 PM

I would like to auction them off, I'll talk to Steve, and see if he'll let me auction them there, (or maybe JB will let me auction them 'here'.)

Hi Reno Rev-er-

How are you selling them? Auction, ebay, GWTW?

I'm interested, too.


In Topic: for sale 2 Neos Omega's

13 June 2010 - 11:48 PM

How much did you sell your Neos Omega's for?

I have two for sale, pics posted on this forum.

Thanks! Phil

I have decided to sell 2 of my 4 Neos Omega's, the only problem is, 1 no bridles & 2 I can't find the bags they came in, 3 of them have been setup as a stack for almost the whole time I've had them & rolled up together, I know I have the bags with the instruction books & bridles rolled together someplace but with all the moves I've gone through I have no clue. The 2 blue & purple are in almost new condition and are signed by all 3 brothers on 10/8/89. I rely don't want to sell them but I starting to run out of $. I even have my wife's car on craigs list.

In Topic: Neos Omega 4 Sale - Anyone interested?

13 June 2010 - 11:26 PM

Hey everyone! (and thank you Dano) for getting this info posted.

These (mirrored) Neos Omega's are literally one of a kind, numbers 4 and 6 of 22.

They have the old metal caps and are BRAND spanking-new, ie perfect shape, never flown, and (fyi) 'not-crispy'...
Complete with caps, carbon, bungees and bridle.

I had a few 'others' that were sold quite a while ago, and people Did fly them, but 'gently' as they have the dacron v, with kevlar V that can be sewn-in and flown.

Steve: How much would you sell your Neos' for? Are they complete and in perfect condition?

I've heard that 'if' you can get one for $500-600 it is a deal, and several have recently been sold for $900.

I wouldn't sell mine, as they are obviously collector kites, but I have bills that need to be paid.

There are several people interested at the GWTW forum, is anyone 'here' interested in placing bids on these two Neos', either separately, or as a 'set'?

I am looking to sell them for the best $, ie, bills need to be paid.

Please email me 'asap!' if you are interested in bidding on these kites.



these kites can be flown you would have to sew in the kevlar renforcement patch in the v of the kite its more of historical than anything not many around i think there were 22 protos