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Buy a Rev for 30% off on EBay

21 October 2008 - 02:41 PM

I wish I had the cash to buy one right now...

Microsoft is offering a 30% rebate on any Buy It Now auction on EBay when you use PayPal.

See this post for how to get the 30% discount:

Once you see the 30% discount banner on EBay, then find a Rev to buy.

Use Buy IT Now and you have to pay with PayPal.

You have 60 minutes form the time you see the 30% off banner to buy the item. If you wait longer than 60 minutes, just go back to the live.com site and "pick up" another 30% banner.

It's a bit of a pain and you don't get your rebate for at least 60 days, but it's worth saving almost $100 on a Rev. B series.


(Kite Connection seems like the only company selling new Rev's on EBay)

Huge props to Ben at Revolution

14 June 2008 - 03:17 PM

Since the San Diego Kite Club meeting was today, I decided to take my brand new B series Rev out for it's maiden voyage in decent wind at their meeting site in Mission Bay. Although I have had it out flying a couple times, today was the first time I had any kind of wind to really get the feel for flying a Rev.

Everything is going great and I am getting the hang of it, then all of a sudden my Rev lands funny with slack on the lines and the wind somehow pulls half the kite back and snaps the leading edge spar! It was the middle spar of my 3-wrap rods that just snapped.

Ron, form the san Diego Kite Club comes running over after seeing my Rev flailing in the wind. With his help, he pulled the broken spar out and then says, "Hang on, let's see if we can do something about this." and runs off back to their gear bags.

In the meantime I am a little perplexed as to what he might be doing. I am thinking that the wind is probably too strong to put my 2 wrap frame in and that I am done for the day. I am also figuring I have to go to the kite store to replace the rod.

A few minutes later, Ron comes running back with a brand new rod! He installs it for me and gets me back up and flying.

It ends up Ben, from Revolution was there too and Ron was kind enough to ask him if he could help out a newbie flyer. He said sure and told Ron he could pull a replacement rod from his bag.

I couldn't believe it! I was SO grateful.

I mean, these guys don't know me at all. They have never met me before and here they are helping me out AND giving me a replacement rod. I tried to offer to pay Ben for the rod , but he said no. And then they invite me and my 8 year old daughter for pizza and sodas. :clap;

I just wanted to publicly thank both Ron and Ben for all their help.

Then as my daughter was packing up her kite, Ben came over and gave her a souvenir flag from the Japanese Wordl Kite Festival. She was SO happy!

Thanks again and I owe you guys big time. You weren't kidding about kite flyers being good people.

-Darin Fong

EXP or B Series

08 June 2008 - 08:56 PM

I know everyone will say spend the extra money on a B series.

But the EXP is half the price.

Being my first Rev, will I really notice the difference? If not, how long before I end up wishing I had a B series?

I REALLY don't want to spend $360 on a kite especially if I can get a Rev for half that much.

So I guess my point is will I be disappointed if I get the EXP? I was thinking maybe down the road I could get a vented B to go with the EXP.

Will someone please tell me it's OK to get an EXP :confused!: ?

On the other hand, will I end up buying a B series anyway so I am actually SAVING money by buying a B series first and skipping the EXP.

Any guidance would be helpful.


BTW, I finally flew a rev today for the first time and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I had no idea I was smiling that much until the guy I borrowed it from said, "Look at that smile on your face. You're hooked!"

I need a Rev!

First time kite

06 May 2008 - 12:32 PM

It seems like everyone on this board is pretty experienced with stunt kites. I had a triple stack dual line setup about 15 years ago, but haven't had anything since.

Is a Rev kite a viable option for a "first timer" flying stunt kites? Should I start with a dual line first?

If I am going to spend $80 to $100 on a dual line, even though the quads are a lot more money, that's a $100 I could put towards a Rev kite instead of a dual line.

Which Rev setup is good for a first timer?

I guess my main question is is it too hard to try to learn how to fly a quad before I know how to fly a dual? Does experience with a dual even help you when switching to a quad?

How long does it take before the average person can keep a Rev in the air and stable without crashing?

I think I have a decent aptitude for this type of thing. I do fly RC helicopters. I know it's unrelated, but maybe having good hand-eye coordination helps a little...

Also is there any kind of FAQ for Rev kites? Especially the terminology like vents, wraps, etc.

Sorry about all the noob questions.

Thanks in advance,