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Darin Fong

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#21543 EXP or B Series

Posted by Darin Fong on 08 June 2008 - 08:56 PM

I know everyone will say spend the extra money on a B series.

But the EXP is half the price.

Being my first Rev, will I really notice the difference? If not, how long before I end up wishing I had a B series?

I REALLY don't want to spend $360 on a kite especially if I can get a Rev for half that much.

So I guess my point is will I be disappointed if I get the EXP? I was thinking maybe down the road I could get a vented B to go with the EXP.

Will someone please tell me it's OK to get an EXP :confused!: ?

On the other hand, will I end up buying a B series anyway so I am actually SAVING money by buying a B series first and skipping the EXP.

Any guidance would be helpful.


BTW, I finally flew a rev today for the first time and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I had no idea I was smiling that much until the guy I borrowed it from said, "Look at that smile on your face. You're hooked!"

I need a Rev!