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In Topic: Line Lengths Frustration

21 May 2008 - 08:20 PM

Ah HA! Matt! Yes, I remember :) :)

Just so y'all know, that's me with the hat in the background of Theresa's picture , stupervising (must have been all those bottles on the counter...) No, actually I was standing there thinking to myself, "Crap, if I had to sew that all back together, the poor devil's leg (No Pun intended) would be attached to his body in a great, big, stinkin' loop instead of flying free in the wind.

And just so you all know the line problem has been solved, except for flying and adjusting. I drove over to Vancouver to get help from Theresa. She showed me more in 45 minutes tha I could ever learn on my own. And I know that y'all know this already, but she's got a great shop over there and one more loyal, new customer! You Rev fliers' biggest problem is that you're all so d@#$ed helpful.

Hearty BIG Thanks Theresa!!!

So Now I just gotta sit back and watch as Jonesey and Sailor hijack what's left of the thread here (no pun there either <groan>...)

Now if only the wind would cooperate...

In Topic: Line Lengths Frustration

18 May 2008 - 12:37 PM

I am afraid you are just doomed to a life of fun and frolicks then Matt.

Wish I lived as near to T as you do. Then again I dont as I wouldnt have met Stephen, Jeremy, Bob, David and so many others tis side of the pond. And it would be rather a long trip to Portsmouth etc.

I believe I am doomed. But it's a good doomed.

We wouldn't mind having you here in Portland, but Portland to Midlands might be a tad bit long for a commute. 'Course if you hooked enough Revs together and could get them up to the Jetstream... :lol:


In Topic: Line Lengths Frustration

18 May 2008 - 12:31 PM

Mr J Mitchell and j Rawlins give me the advice a while ago on stretching my lines out after i had made them.I usually leave them all stretched out with a good pull on them for as long as a can.I do leave them stretched under alot of equal tension.Seems to do the trick

If a quality line has 3% stretch and your line is 100ft,thats a good bita stretchin.


You read my mind.

In Topic: Line Lengths Frustration

18 May 2008 - 12:30 PM

Just a bit of clarification, please- are you judging the line length being different by how they are wound on the winder or have you staked them out and compared them?

Lines that are the exact same length often look wrong when wound on the winder.

As of this morning, staked out and about a 4 inch difference between the longest and shortest, with the other two at different lengths in between. It's written Spectre #80 on the winder which is what the kite shop had. I looked up Spectre line and found not much at all, and got lots of hits on Spectra #80. And again, I know that my orig. post sort of sounded angry at the store, well maybe more frustrated. But the store's a good store and I don't have too much of a quibble with them.

Now, I don't think the lines were prestretched, which may be accounting for some (all) of this issue. Of course I know next to nothing about kite line except that LPG is good and comes pre-stretched so this might not happen in the future, but you pay a little more for it. I'm thinking that, just maybe, somebody might need to do some kite line research :D Which is why I'm here.

I do feel as though Jonesy and Sailor99 have given me enough info to fix the situation so I'm not upset at all. Besides learning proper maintenance is as (if not more) important than flying. If I can't tie the knots or keep up the kite, I probably shouldn't be doing this at all.

Any tips on stretching line on the ground prior to launch? Even a URL or a point in the direction where somebody else has already addressed it, if you don't want to rewrite the whole thing.

In Topic: kite chat

18 May 2008 - 08:36 AM

Point Taken .... going ahead with shutting up

No don't shut up, it's only been 24 hours and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself with you guys' posts!