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#78183 Fusion website

Posted by BAZ on 01 March 2011 - 01:35 AM

Looking good Jason
just been through the whole site
Brought back some memories of being at Herrington
I look forward to the next get together wherever it may be

#73937 Dunstable Downs 24th October

Posted by BAZ on 06 October 2010 - 11:03 AM

Just a thought
but is anyone interested in meeting up at Dunstable Downs on the 24th of October (I'm sure Mr Hoath and the rest of the Downs fliers wouldnt mind )
Vince and the north east fliers may be able to make it
nothing formal just rev fliers getting together and doing what we do
Flying and socialising
so whadda ya think ?

#66480 colour change

Posted by BAZ on 23 February 2010 - 12:50 PM

I have a lime green vented rev and a gold mid ven and a gold standard, how hard would it be to remove the lime green panels and replace them to gold to match the other 2.
And what is the correct material that i would do this with ?

I dont know how easy it would be to do it
but I do believe the material is icarex pc31

#66337 UK Zen feedback

Posted by BAZ on 20 February 2010 - 06:34 AM

As a fairly new rev flier I find I struggle flying in low wind - eveyone who was up north will confirm this (i was on short lines and struggling when others were on 120s and up in the air)
so I bought a zen as David said without trying before buying
it arrived the morning of the rev weekend up north so didint get an airing,I was on the flying field when it arrived in Nottingham
as it turned out the sunday at the get together would have been a great opportunity to try it out but it wasnt to be
Anyway today the wind was very light and changeable direction wise,so out i went
when i set up it was showing anything from nothing to 3 1/2 mph on my windometer (it was only a cheap one so read what you will about the speed)
I found i was able to fly - nothing fancy at first as the wind was very light,I was "shall we say" keeping it in the air
I was on 90lb 80ft lines and "flying" i would say,in wind or very little wind to me that i dont think even on short lines i would be able to fly in with a 1.5
The wind then picked up a little,I could feel it on my ears,checked it with the winometer and showing 2 1/2 to 5mph - at this speed I found I could dive stop and do inverted slides
more or less I would say the kite was powered up enough for a terrible low wind flier like myself
Am I happy,YES
Am I glad I bought one,YES
Is it the answer to my dreams of flying in zero to 2mph - time will tell as my experience grows
Heres a thought,I would like to see a more experienced pilot fly my kite - If I was "grounded"with short lines and the more experienced pilots were in the air on 120s with a 1.5
what can the more experienced pilots (Like David Ellison etc) do in the extreme low wind range
I feel I was flying in wind that I would not normally have flown in so that is a big plus for me
Do i need more practice,YES indeed
I hope some of this is of use,it would have been nice to have a constant low wind reading on the windometer,but when in England do we get that !!
Heres a pic of my Zen
and by the way Bazzer the kite is very well made as usual