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Anyone have any experience with WindPower Sports

17 April 2008 - 09:27 AM


Can anyone reassure me that WindPower Sports are a reliable mail order shop?

I've been watching all the Revolution demo videos and got fired up to buy a couple of kites. I'm in Marbella Spain and the local shops don't have anything, so I googled Revolution and found WindPower Sports in Las Vegas.

I placed an order for some kites and lines and got an automatic order response. Then I emailed them a few times since I want the vented B-series and the we site was unclear as to what I'd bought. That was three days ago and I haven't had any response.

Before I start worrying I thought I might post here to hear what sort of experiences others have had.

As a followup question: I decided to order two kites since I was placing an order which would need to be mailed to me. However I have never flown a 4-line kite, nor have I even seen one other than in the videos. I ordered a 1.5 SLE and the B-Series vented (I hope), but then started thinking that maybe I should have asked other peoples opinions as to what to get as the first two kites.

Reading this forum there are a few people who like something for some speed (the supersonic) as a second kite, however most people asking he question have flown for a bit before they order their second kite.

My flying experience is some limited kitesurfing and some low end dual line kites.

Many thanks