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16 April 2008 - 07:19 PM

So I have been back into kiting after a "15 year hiatus" and have some useful info I would like to share. I came up with the ideas just recently and would like to get your thoughts and opinions on them.

First, I made a line set and wanted to be consistent when I pre-stretched the lines. So... I went out and got a 50lb fish scale at Walmart for $5.00. This thing worked great to see what kind of load I was putting on each line. I would highly recommend this.

Here is a picture:

Posted Image

Second, to manage knots on line sets I was thinking of using shrink tube to cover up the knots and prevent snags.... I know if anyone tries this they will need to be extremely careful when shrinking the tubing so they don't compromise their line with the heat. Also, if you need to adjust your lines the tubing will come off easy.

here is a picture:

Posted Image