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Anyone Flying Revs in Santa Rosa, CA?

29 September 2009 - 08:55 PM

I occasionally have a chance to attend Bay Area Sport Kite League (Baskl) events, and kite festivals in San Francisco, Berkeley and Bodega Bay, but I would enjoy flying occasionally with local rev flyers in or near Santa Rosa. Are you out there?


PS. Does anyone know if we can search for forum members based on locality?

Power Blast 4~8 Videos?

31 August 2009 - 07:21 PM

Have any of you found any videos of the power blast 4~8 on the Internet?

Supersonic vs Shockwave

26 April 2009 - 08:58 PM

Hi all,

I want a Supersonic or a Shockwave...I can't afford both..... at least not now! Help me decide!

Background: I have a 1.5 SEL, 1.5 SUL and a Power Blast 2~4. Yesterday I attended the Castles and Kites Festival in Bodega Bay, CA. In over 20 mph winds, I tried to fly my 2~4, Whoa!!...but with so many people around it did not seem safe so I put it away. So I want to find a Rev to fly at the beach where the wind is often stronger than Santa Rosa where I usually fly (that is where my 2~4 really shines!). I tried a vented 1.5 at the festival (Thank you Lolly for letting me try yours! I loved watching her teach people to fly.) and that was great in the higher winds, but I find it a little too tame/mellow. My new friend Jeff let me try his supersonic (Thanks Jeff! You fly amazingly!) and I was hooked! It did great in the higher winds and is so fast! I've looked at both the Supersonic and Shockwave online but have only flown the Supersonic. I like the sail look best on the Shockwave. I do enjoy a little pull (obviously since my favorite kite right now is the 2~4) and I love speed! Is that enough information to suggest a Shockwave or a Supersonic? Am I correct in understanding the Shockwave does well in a slightly larger wind range and pulls a little harder than the Supersonic? If that is true ....and I loose no speed and I like the sail the best...I guess I'm leaning toward the Shockwave. Thanks for any suggestions!