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Outright Speed record falls again

29 October 2010 - 08:39 AM

The outright sailing speed record got smashed again today by a kite border Video Here

lots of my sailing associates not happy with this as its basically a purpose dug ditch in Namibia and questionable how much 'sailing' is going on + arguments about shallow water effect etc etc but whatever the argument these guys have some balls! :ani_punk:

world record of 64 revolution kites... FAIL

13 September 2010 - 07:41 AM

As the season is winding down and we need something to occupy those dark and dreary winter evening, I thought it must be time for a bit of tranatlantic banter ...

Having been part of the previous mega-team record attempts in the UK a year or so back I followed with interest the fantastic efforts made to set a new standard of 64 recently .. however imagine my dismay on trawling through the video's and photo's of the event so see the attached picture from Watty's post which appears to show not a team of 64 but several 8 person teams who happen to be flying at the same venue!!

I mean if you look at the distance between groups in the picture where does it end?? does that mean that if 8 of us had been flying on the same day on this side of the pond with the calls relayed to us we would have been included?? or is there a maximum seperation??

Ah well at least I can go to bed tonight happy in the knowledge that the record is still moraly held on this side of the pond Posted Image