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In Topic: Masterpiece Challenge Winner Take All

16 April 2012 - 12:18 PM

That would be an expensive gamble. If say I bid $5000 on someones kite who's to say that Kent (we know he'll bid high) doesn't bid $5001 on a different kite. Then Kent gets that kite and I am still out $5000 for the kite I bid on.

Yes, as long as there were two crazy people out there willing to give up what they bid, the contest should be fine. If the bids were published then someone could just wait for a few minutes before the cut off to bid. Again, as long as someone else was willing to keep others in check by also bidding a crazy amount, everything would be fine.

My recommendation would be to keep bids private. This would also stop someone from out bidding the last person by $1.00. Hiding the amount of the bid means that the person willing to pay the highest, honest amount, wins (not the highest by $1).

I'm certainly not promoting it and I'd hope everything works out fine. I certainly don't have skin in this game so it's just my 2 cents.

In Topic: Masterpiece Challenge Winner Take All

15 April 2012 - 08:01 PM

My bet is the winner being the person with the most money to bid on their own/friends kite. Perhaps this "challenge" was not thought completely through.

In Topic: Treasure Island 2012

19 September 2011 - 12:32 PM

Steve and Sheri did a fantatic job with the kite festival each and every year, no doubt about it. It's a big task to put on a festival of this size every year and they did a great job.

The festival will take place Jan. 14 and 15 of 2012. It should have the same look, feel and fun as the previous years.

Looking forward to the sun/fun and flying in 2012!

In Topic: New Rev addict

26 April 2011 - 05:28 AM

Hi Rev folk,
I have been reading this forum for months and figured I better just join and get involved. I am very new to Rev flying and, really, controllable kiting in general. I live just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah and had the opportunity to see I quad at the Antelope Island kite fest last August.

Randy, there is a kite club, the Utah Kite Fliers (www.utahkitefliers) mainly based on SLC and we get together for fun flies and different events. This weekend (4/30) we are heading up to Idaho Falls for the Kiting Just for Fun event (visit the website for more info). It's a great event and would be a good drive to break in the new car (at least that can be your story). Several of us are heading to the event and it attracts many fliers from ID and the surrounding states. There are several other events coming up, including a fly at Thanksgiving Point and a larger kite festival (first year) at Bear Lake on the ID side.

I think the problem you may be having is crappy wind. Nothing worse and we have a lot of it. My favorite place to fly is Eisenhower Jr High in Taylorsville off Redwood Rd. Good winds and the field is _huge_. We have most of our fun flies there. You really need good steady wind when practicing. It makes everything much more enjoyable. It's also good to fly around other fliers as it really increases the learning curve.

200 foot lines are fine but they are really used mainly in competition and team flying. For everyday flying they usually take up too much of the flying field. Most people fly on 75-90 foot lines and 100 are just fine. Again, I think what you really need is some non-gusty winds and you will probably find that the kites you have are just fine. We don't have too many 15mph wind days here (though lately it's been weird).

Feel free to stop by the club website and join the Yahoo Group for communication. The more the better!

Todd Copeland
Utah Kite Fliers