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In Topic: 100 Rev fly at 2010 WSIKF (Aug 16-22)

13 July 2010 - 04:43 PM


I am sad.

We've had to cancel our Pacific NW vacation, which takes Katie and I out of WSKIF and the megafly.


In Topic: Kite Fest Louisiane' 2010 April 9th-11th ! Cloud chasers and The Rev...

12 April 2010 - 06:40 PM

Wow, Joe, hope you're feeling better and can kick that cough. Leslie, if you're reading this- make Joe get some rest so he can get better!

KFL was SO MUCH FUN! I'm home now, nursing my sunburned feet. And then the dogs rushed up to greet me, and stepped right on the worst part of my sunburn. :censored: But it's all good... I certainly hated to see the festival end, but already planning next year. Rev Riders- y'all totally rocked! Flying both teams together was genius, and a lot of fun- someone post the video! The only part I didn't enjoy was the times I had to stop having so much fun because I've been advised to get some sleep. LOL

It was so great to meet all of you face to face. We definitely created some fun memories! And I had a great time flying with you as well on Revs.

Joe, you put on a hell of a party along with Sharon and Kathy. Looking forward to next year for our Rev Riders/ Austin EOL reunion. Hoping more of Quadzilla can be there as well (I'll work on that).

In Topic: Global Rev Count.

06 April 2010 - 02:16 PM

+3 for me, just received my new set of JB series 1.5 (standard, midvent and vented) in black/green. And they are gorgeous. Thanks, Lolly! :):):)

(gotta take better pics with the kites in the sky)

In Topic: Happy 50th B'day, Rich (quaa714)

27 March 2010 - 01:23 PM

Happy birthday, Rich!! Hope you're having a fantastic b-day weekend! See you in two weeks at KFL.

In Topic: Thought Y'all Might Want A Laugh

23 March 2010 - 09:18 AM

The way to hit them hard meaningfully is to continue to press the issue in the legal arena with copyright, fraud and defamation attorneys as Revolution is doing and as JB and Bob Childs should now initiate. Just keep th guy paying legal fees on a daily basis.

That's probably the hardest thing to do- legal expenses in copyright and patent enforcement are staggering. I'm going through this with my brother in trying to protect his patent for solar backpacks. There are a lot of unscrupulous businesspeople out there. And will violate as many laws, regulations, and trade agreements as is profitable. The only thing that really works outside the legal arena is lack of business- if nobody is buying, then there's no business. We have lost massive $$$ in sales in the past years because of patent infringements, especially manufacturers in China copying the product, product name (and even the info from the website- pictures, text, everything) in their own marketing. Just because you send a cease-and-desist order doesn't mean people will stop. It has to hurt them on the bottom line. I hate dealing with this. You can and should do business in a competitive marketplace (and competition is good- it really drives improvement and innovation forward) without resorting to theft.

I guess the other aspect to this is user education. Honestly, I have no idea how much U.S.A sales for Revolution kites are lost because of counterfeits. I imagine that worldwide sales might have more percentage to lost sales. And I think Revolution, in promoting kiting the way they do- sponsoring iQuad, lots of exposure in the major kite festivals around the world, has done a stellar job in protecting their assets and intellectual property (as well as having WORLD CLASS customer service)- it's all happening the best method possible: word of mouth. (and TV ads... LOL. Imagine if someone wore a robe backwards, called it a blanket with sleeves, and then marketed the snot out of it? hahahaha... freaking marketing genius) But there will always be someone trying to copy what you're doing when you're doing it really well. It's all a matter of choosing which hills to climb, which battles to fight.