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Successful Multiline Comps = better asset management!

20 January 2009 - 10:57 AM

Hola y'all!

While I'm not a Rev flier, I AM a Sport Kite competitor. Therefore I want to see multiline competition become successful by both learning from the mistakes of dualline comps and adding some new wrinkles that will benefit ALL of Sport Kiting.

Here's what I think...

1. The days of competitors also serving as Staff at comps needs to go away... fast! Let's all relax a little, stand up some multiline-only Regionals, and train dualliners and SLKers how to judge multiline events and let THEM be Staff. This way, the only two things a competitor needs to be concerned with are showing up and flying.

2. Dave Gomberg at one time advocated that the AKA Conference Commissioners become extremely active in growing Sport Kiting events in their areas, and I agree with him. If you haven't dropped your RDs, SKC reps, or even your Conference Commissioners a line lately to push for more multiline comp opportunities then do it and do it often. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

3. Competition sells stuff! Work with your local kite pusher to challenge another local kite pusher to an informal bragging rights event, then help them publicize the heck out of it. There's a reason why a lot of kids have a skateboard instead of a Sport Kite, and there's a reason why Tony Hawk has a slew of video games while John Barresi doesn't. (Love ya, bro... see you at SPI!)

Let's talk about this.



This Saturday, 3/8/08; The Deuce!

03 March 2008 - 12:31 PM

Join us on the beach at Sand Key Park in Clearwater for the second Annual Mid-Florida Regional Sport Kite Championships (The Deuce)!

This AKA and Eastern League sanctioned event is a Novice-friendly introduction to Sport Kite Competition. Registration is FREE for all first-time competitors in dualline and multiline classes, and a flat $10.00 fee for all current competitors.

Informative and instructional is how we roll at The Deuce. Immediately following the Flier's Meeting, Jay Nunes of iQuad will be offering a FREE multiline competition seminar, after which his students will take the field. First-time dualline competitors will likewise be treated to a competition seminar hosted by our Chief Judge and the AKA Southeast Conference Masters Class fliers.

Prizes! The winners in the Novice Multiline class will be awarded a Revolution 1.5 SLE and a New Tech Spirit. The winners in the Novice Dualline class will receive a CDC Shiva Comp and an HQ Phoenix. For the Grand Prize, the Open Class flier with the highest cumulative score will go home with a... wait for it... MSE from Region 4's own Blue Moon Fabrications!

And of course, the FUN stuff. Time permitting, ALL competitors are invited to strut their stuff one more time at the IROC Mystery Ballet. Everybody will get different mystery music, but everybody will be flying THE SAME KITE. Will it be a Machine? A Mamba? A little something special from Air Ouevre of St. Petersburg? Posted ImageI dunno... Posted Image

Scheduled to appear at The Deuce...

Rob Autrey
Robbie Boerth
Paul de Bakker
Ted Goodman
Spencer Meeks
Jay Nunes
Lisa Willoughby

An admin note... it's metered parking at Sand Key. Make sure you have a roll of quarters with you, or you can purchase coins on the grounds.

MFRSKC II (The Deuce) is hosted by the Sunset Flyers Kite Club of Clearwater, and is sponsored by

New Tech Kites

AKA Skypecast last night...

13 February 2008 - 07:01 AM

A modest yet lively turnout for last night's AKA Skypecast experiment; AKA President; XD; RDs 1, 3, 4, and 10; and Members Dave Butler and Sam Poikail.

Of interest to folks on this Forum; I came away with the feeling that of those present on the Skypecast there is support for creating the multiline novice class.