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In Topic: Successful Multiline Comps = better asset management!

30 January 2009 - 08:46 PM

Ah, I love it when things come back on topic. Asset management!

Competitors are part of that 'community' vibe, too. So that they can get their groove on, would you non-competitor folks step up and staff at events; learn how to judge and Field Direct so your competitor buds can relax and be their best?

In Topic: Successful Multiline Comps = better asset management!

27 January 2009 - 10:47 AM

Aw hell, I was afraid this was gonna happen! ;)

Please consider, folks, that hunting is the skill set which brings you to the point where killing is only a possible outcome. I personally do MY hunting with a camera, where the goal is to get a great shot without the critter du jour even knowing that you're there. :) Afterwards he goes his way, I go mine.

:) If you kill something then you have to field-dress it and haul it back to camp, and that's too much like work. :)

In Topic: Successful Multiline Comps = better asset management!

27 January 2009 - 07:17 AM

In this time.. in this moment.. change is coming and it's not sport kite competition.


Best of luck standing up your comp in March, Sherri!

I'm good with a growth in recreational flying because that's more numbers for comps when we get our act together again. I kinda see it as the difference between camping and hunting. Camping is relaxation fun, and anybody can go camping. Hunting is fun too, but on a different level and by a smaller, more skilled population than in camping.

And can anybody deny that most inprovements in camping came from hunters? ;-)

In Topic: Successful Multiline Comps = better asset management!

24 January 2009 - 03:24 PM

Relax, Amy. You do NOT need to start flying duallines unless you WANT to. :)

Which brings us to yet another asset management scenario.

With multiline flying on the ascendancy, who's to say that there can't be multiline only Regional comps where the local dualline fliers serve as non-competing staff? There is an aspect of reciprocation though; multiline fliers could staff dualline only Regionals. Those that fly both types wouldn't necessarily have to choose one over the other, they can both fly AND staff much like now.

In Topic: Successful Multiline Comps = better asset management!

22 January 2009 - 06:47 PM

TeeCee, have you looked at the sport kite committee roster recently?

If the information I'm looking at is right, the SKC is down in size, significantly, with vacant commissioner positions for those areas least active in sport kite competition...

Per the AKA web site:

Sport Kites

* Chair: Russ Faulk
* Doug Charleville
* Ron Graziano
* Todd Haymans
* Jeff McCown
* Indoor Events: Bill Rogers
* AKA Delegates to the International Rule Book Committee: Jim Barber & John Barresi (should be Russ Faulk)
* World Sport Kite Championships: David Gomberg
* Competition Conference Commission
o North East: Ruth Polifrone
o South East: Laura Stonestreet
o Central: Vacant
o Midwest: Ann Vondriska
o Northwest: Terri & Mike Huff
o Pacific: Vacant
o Conference Scorekeeper: Tracy Erzin

For those interested, this roster can be found here, along with key email addresses...


I hadn't gone there, but I'm glad YOU did... if that Central CC spot is still open after I can get my dues paid up again I'm thinking I might do something about that particular vacancy! :devil: