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Dogs and Revs

09 March 2008 - 06:49 PM

I'm a new at flying kites. I have probably flown my SLE 10-15 times. This afternoon I flew my kite in a large local park, Clapham Common, London, UK. It was not the first time that dogs have become interested in the kite but I have now become better at keeping the kite in the air (and under some kind of control) so I was not too concerned. After a while I started moving the kite horizontally to tire them and in hindsight that was probably not a good idea. It actually got them more excited. The wind was not strong and when it died for a moment I somehow 'lost it' and the moment the kite touched the ground the two dogs were onto it. I suspect the owner called them because they were off like a bullet. I could not hear a call or whistle because, as usual, I was flying while listening to music over my headphones. Anyway, two rips and a broken side spar later, Sunday afternoon's flying experience was somewhat spoiled, to say the least. Oh, and to rub salt in my 'wounds', the Crufts Dog Show was on TV when I switched it on this evening.

By the time I had the handles behind the peg and briefly inspected the kite, the dogs were in the far distance, near a man walking leisurely away from where I was. What should I have done? Probably just keep the kite high and stationary until the dogs got bored and ran off.

I have had a search through the forum and there seems to be only a few references to dogs, even though they have probably been a 'threat' to most kite fliers (who use public parks or beaches) at some stage. My friend how introduced me to Revs has also had a Rev 'mauled' on a beach. Could members please share some ideas on 'best practice' regarding this matter?