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In Topic: Global Rev Count.

04 May 2008 - 02:45 PM

Count me in for 2 (SLE & SUL)

In Topic: What's in your iPod, MP3 player?

05 April 2008 - 04:59 AM

... I would love to get some ideas for some new songs to fly to.
Post your favorite songs you like to play when you are flying...

I probably take this too seriously but I'm forever tweaking my playlists in search of the ultimate flying soundtrack. I have a playlist for my SLE and another for the SUL. As the SUL is for lighter winds I usually (try to) fly it 'smoother' or more gracefully and therefore the SUL playlist has mostly 'light' classical music with beautiful melodies. I have found that those all-time-favourite classics compilation CDs useful as they are cheap and as you would probably recognise most of the tunes, you can fly along to them. Some more dramatic pieces work too e.g. Dvořák's Symphony No.9, "From the New World".

With the SLE playlist I have many of tunes/artists other members have listed but would recommend trying:
Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
Mercury Rev – Deserter's Songs & All is Dream
Freak Power - Drive Thru Booty
Johnny Cash - (all of the 'American Recordings')
Santana – Abraxis

Interestingly, I have found myself enjoying songs on albums that I previously might have skipped but now I appreciate them as great flying soundtracks.

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21 March 2008 - 04:03 AM

Staffi's are nice dogs. Years ago I lived in a house-share where the house dog was a Staffi. I used to take him along when jogging.

Currently I live in a part of London with many Council Estates (Stockwell/Brixton) and you will not find teenagers arround here walking with any other kind of dog. Its not the dogs fault it's more of a human fashion thing. This muscular little dog makes the spotty teenager feel well 'ard in his 'hood', innit ;)

In Topic: Dogs and Revs

21 March 2008 - 12:36 AM

SLE up and flying (with two tape patches) last weekend at Clapham Common. As expected at this, or any London park, there were a few interested dogs. Fortunately the wind was good so it was easy to keep the kite high and stationary when necessary. Did have one dog running to the kite while I was setting up. My shout made it change direction but only for it to cross the lines on the ground. One leg briefly got entangled but it was off before I could get close to it. Owner stood stationary about 50m away while all this was going on, repeatedly (and in my pinion rather pathetically) calling for dear little Evelyn to come back to her.

I recently took my new SUL for a maiden flight in a small local park (Slade Gardens, Stockwell/Brixton). With SUL flying in lighter winds I am even more concerned with being able to keep the dogs at bay. No dogs at first but eventually some dog walkers arrived. I was getting the hang of keeping the SUL in the air but with very light to 0 wind it takes a lot of movement (for me at least) so I was getting very wet and tired and had to take a brake every now and again. Also I was running out of space in this smallish park, by constantly moving into the direction of the breeze. Anyway, I would catch my breath by walking back to the far end of the park (carrying the kite and dragging the lines behind over the lawn). This worked OK for about 5-6 times. As I was setting up to take off again, kite on the ground, lines taunt, a few steady deep breaths before take-off and waiting just a few seconds longer in case a nice little breeze comes along, the clichéd local council estate dog (Staffordshire Terrier with studded leather harness) comes charging in and fortunately barking (so I could hear it). In what is a funny scene in hindsight, I drop the handles and sprint to try and reach the kite before Bullet/Killer/Rex reaches it, shouting at the top of my voice. It worked. Muscle Dog's charge fortunately falters and it runs back to teenage owner (Vicky Pollard). Phew!

Besides the dogs issue, I have resolved in any case to shorten the SUL lines, probably to 15m at first, but the shorter lines, I think, would also help me to defend the kite from my canine friends. By the way, I like dogs and although I do not own one currently, as a child my family always had dogs and I might get one again sometime in the future.

In Topic: Dogs and Revs

11 March 2008 - 06:46 AM

I was not complaining nor bragging. I was setting the scene and asked for members' advice.

As I stated initially, I am not that skilled a flyer so whenever I see dogs in the park, while flying, my immediate emotional response is one of mild panic. In hindsight, yes the effect my horizontal movements had was probably like 'teasing them'. Although I admittedly enjoyed the interaction with the dogs (while I was in control), I was mostly trying to keep the kite as far as possible away from them. I'm not that confident to take the kite to the dogs and hover it just out of their reach. I have learned an expensive lesson.

"Thoughtless behaviour", regrettable yes, but I fail to see how this particular instance would threaten the use of a 'common' for flying. Clapham Common is often used by traction kite flyers (sometimes on wheeled boards) and (dual line) stunt kite flyers. This is probably not the first or the last time dogs and kites come into contact here. As soon as my SLE is repaired I will be flying there again.