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3 piece LE for a stack of Rev 2

22 January 2008 - 02:52 PM

I have a stack of 3 Rev 2 kites. The frame on the lead kite is reinforced with .240 pultruded rods inside the stock spars. Broken down, that makes the kite bag 38" long, which is too long for my motorcycle on a cross country trip. Rather than leave the stack behind, I want to purchase pieces to make a 3 piece LE. That will put the length broken down in the 25" range.
My plan is to use Skyshark p400 for the LE. 3 pieces cut to about 25". The trailing kites will just use standard ferrules. The lead kite LE will have P400 with .240 pultruded the entire length, with the lengths arranged so that the ends of the .240 fall in the middle of the P400 pieces.
Does that make sense? Does that sound doable? Will I be giving up strength? Is there a better 3 piece LE solution?
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Rev 2 alternate spars

21 January 2008 - 05:30 AM

I have several Rev 2's and I want to take one with me on my motorcycle vacation this summer. It would help to have a 3 piece leading edge so that the max length is in the 25" range.
What are my options? This will be for beach flying, so weight can be similar to the original, but strength needs to be there.

Also, I have one set up for light wind days, with Skyshark 2p spars and short lines for catch and toss type flying. A buddy broke one of the spars, and 2p's are no longer available. What light weight solutions are there now for a 74" leading edge? Can be 2 piece or 3.

I have gone out and looked a bit at some of the kite shops on line, but I have to admit that I am a bit unsure about the spars. If I take a 32" spar and take off 5", am I going to lose the reinforced end, and run in to problems?