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19 January 2012 - 12:40 PM

Hello... I'm brand new to flying a Rev... excited and eager to learn though. I'm down here in South Padre Island for the winter... best place to learn outdoor Rev flying with all the winds down here. But I think I bought the wrong kite for this part of the world... I have an SUL which might be fine for home in Ontario but I have to wait for light winds here. So while I'm waiting I go and fly indoor single lines kites... Wala's, Wala XL, Laima, and a big ol' glider. I have started an indoor single line flying group back home and we meet once a week to fly at the community centre gym. But now I want to learn the Rev flying ... and maybe, just maybe, learn how to fly the Rev indoors.

Hi this is Dave Hadzicki. May I suggest that you order maybe a Race frame for your kite. This will allow you to go out in just about any wind condition and fly. If you have any questions about structure call me at 858-679-5785.

Thanks for trying the Rev