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In Topic: Unauthorized copies

10 May 2011 - 11:18 AM

"if not equally guilty" / "complicit" is too soft! They ARE equally guilty.

Ripping off anything (intellectual property or a car stereo) and buying anything that WAS ripped off (like intellectual property or a car stereo) are morally equivalent. Period.

But I agree: closing off one will close off the other (and closing off either one will do the job).

I completely disagree with those who think that it is wrong to go after the final buyer. It is exactly that buyer who makes the whole chain (illegal producer, all his distributors, and all the points of sale) profitable. Without the buyer, there IS NO PROBLEM.

So where do we stand on personally made copies of Revs (or 4 line 'W' shaped 'Rev' like kites if you prefer) these days?