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In Topic: Masterpiece Challenge Winner Take All

29 September 2012 - 07:12 AM

Well as we are nearing the end of the "Challenge" and I feel the bids are way to low and there's been so many
questions on what the bids are I've decided to put it up so people can figure out where things are for the rest
of the game...... So here's the present bids on kites so if you want to own a real one of a kind here's the chance...
1. Randy Tom $775.00
2. Kevin Bayless $475.00
3. Dean Jordan $500.00
4. Jose Sainz $700.00
5. Amy Doran $500.00
6. Bazzer $1100.00
7. Scott Skinner $300.00
8. Eliot Shook $325.00
9. Jon Burkhart $300.00
10. Ron Gibbian $525.00

I will take bids at my email beachbeach13@yahoo.com or phone 619-750-8770 and we will go $25.00 raises, also
here's all the kites again...... BenPosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

is there any way to put names or numbers on the pics, I forgot who made what