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Returning to the Revolution

06 November 2007 - 02:31 PM

Hello, all. Long time reader, first time poster ;)

Almost 15 years ago, I had a Rev I, then purchased a Rev II as a followup. They both lasted until life got in the way, and parts were broken/lost/misplaced in a move.

Now, I want to get back into kiting, but also have my wife participate.

What's the best Rev for someone who had experience flying a Revolution, but will also be gentle enough for an absolute beginner?

I live in an area of California where afternoon wind gusts of 5-12 mph are quite common. And in 20 minutes, I could be in an area where the Santa Ana winds were clocked at 84 mph last weekend. This explains why I broke some things years ago.. a 30+ mph gust nuked my kite as it was just lifting off. It (and I) were dragged across the field.... (No, I won't be flying in those! Posted Image