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In Topic: Lineset strength and wind speed?

01 March 2011 - 09:55 AM

I have a vented Rev 1 with 4 wraps and 3 wraps and a vented B Series and mid vented B Series with race rods as well as the 3 and 4 wrap rods. I know the kites can handle higher wind speeds but I'm wonder if my 90# lines are strong enough.

Do I need to get 150# or 200# linesets so that they don't break when the wind is kicking? I have a nice 90# 120' LPG lineset but I'd hate to break the lineset. I try not to fly in more than 14 mph (according to weather.com) because that seems like the kite is really pulling in that kind of wind.

If you don't have a SLE frame try one on your vented. I flew this frame on a 1.5FV/85'-90# in 15+ and really liked it, didn't seem to overpower things..