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Fray out of the sail

04 November 2007 - 12:19 PM

Hi to you all,

I have a problem with my Rev. 1.5 exp. At the right end cap the sail fray out more and more (Please see the attached picture). How can I stop it?



Problems to buy a Rev. 1.5 B-Series

29 October 2007 - 08:16 AM

Hi to you all,

I want to tell you my problems to get a “Barresi” here in Germany.

I have been flying my Rev. 1.5 EXP. for a year and have now decided to buy a Rev 1.5. B-Series.

I started the search in the net and found a dealer called „Chill Out“ in Augsburg, Germany. The guy at the phone was very aggressive and told me the following: „A Barresi? What's the reason for that kite? Nobody needs such a kite and there will be no dealer in Europe to import these kites. What will I do with such a kite (stupid question!!!) and this kite is sassy expensive.
I was a little astonished and found no words. I said “thanks” to him and hang up.

Next I looked to the homepage of Revolution and found an official Revolution dealer for Germany called „Wolkenstürmer“. I wrote an e-mail with the request of an offer of a B-Series Revolution kite. Up to now I have not received an answer from Wolkenstürmer (He is called the best kite shop in the internet.......).

I think Revolution should think about the support of such „dealers“. I'm the customer and if I want to by a Barresi I pay the price and not the dealer. Now, what can I do to get a Rev. 1.5 B-Series here in Germany? I think I must order one at a dealer direct in the USA. Is this the only solution, please advise.

Thank you for your support.