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In Topic: new bridle for Rev 1

19 June 2010 - 06:08 AM

Well, everything looks good with the readjusted bridle. Cant go flying this weekend, wife and I are taking the Harley to a blues festival for a couple of days. I play harmonica, so Im hopeing to have a good time there. Hope everyone has a good weekend. BTW, got another question. If I need to tighten up my brake lines, is there anyway to do this when you land the Rev (inverted of course), so you can relaunch after adjusting?
Thanks again for all the help so far

In Topic: new bridle for Rev 1

18 June 2010 - 08:07 AM

John, those 4 picts are EXACTLY what I needed. I printed out (in color) the sheets, then went out to the garage to begin disassembly/assembly. Took me a while, but everything looks good !!! I have 2 sets of leading edges. One of them is 1/4 inch, the other set is bigger diameter. The end caps fit real well in the larger diameter. Looks like the end caps will go over the 1/4 inch ones (not in them), but there will be a bit of slop in them. Is this normal ?
Also, I took off my 'training wheels' from the back of the Rev. They are actually 'standoffs' that allow one to stand the kite upright for takeoff. .
Thanks again for the pics. I really want to meet you someday. I'm retiring next year, so I hope to be coming to a few festivals. Yippie !!!!
REVflyer..thanks for the info on 'trying' to launch when the rev is flat. I'm going to try to play around with that. 85-100 feet (x2) is a long way to walk - even tho I'm still young yet LOL

In Topic: new bridle for Rev 1

17 June 2010 - 04:30 PM

Attached File  DSC_0084.JPG   774.45KB   135 downloadswell, I took another picture of the whole bridle on the rev. The horizontal part of the bridle hangs down about 8" from the leading edge on both sides. The center of the horiz bridle is attached to a hole on the leading edge of the rev. The horizontal part of the bridle seems just too loose. The Verticle lines seem OK. The other horizontal line you might notice in the back of the kite is for standoffs I got to help the rev stand up in a upright position to launch. Where can I look to see how you launch the rev if it's 'flat'. I did find out how to stand it in an inverted position to launch. That I understand and can do. Attached File  DSC_0083.JPG   772.06KB   105 downloads