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First Rev? Doesn't matter which one you buy

02 October 2007 - 02:36 PM

I am new to this forum, but I just have to make this comment. It really doesn't matter which Rev you buy as your first one (depending on your skill level). The quality alone will keep you coming back time and time again. I have been flying sport kites for well over 20 years, and the one kite that continues to be problem free is my Rev I. The only item that has ever been replaced is the fly lines, (however, I did just yesturday change my bridal over to an equal length fly line set up).

This kite was purchased almost 17 years ago at the Seaside AKA convention, and has been a real trooper since.

I can't thank the boys (Jim, David, and Joe) enough. These kites just keep going.
Will post a pic of this old bird sometime soon.
Newport, OR