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03 November 2009 - 03:47 AM

I've seen a few posts on this around here somewhere, including this one: http://www.revkites....=...post&p=2783

Searching the forum might yield something for you, although it will probably take time to sort through the results. Shame we don't seem to have a sticky anywhere about making lines.

I've personally made all my Rev linesets, except for the 90lb 85' LPG set that my first Rev came with. I've made two 90lb 120' sets, two 150lb 50' sets, one 150lb 120' set, and one 50lb 25' set. I learned how to make linesets just from reading various forum posts here; as I recall, there are quite a few good, very thorough guides. Ergo, I won't go on at length about the techniques I used, because it would be unnecessarily duplicative of what others have posted. Instead, I'll just share a few things I learned from the experience of making my own sets, which, as I recall, are not in any of the existing posts:

  • Make sure you use eight exactly equal lengths of sleeving for your lines. Using equal lengths of sleeving will help you tie equal end loops, which will in turn greatly assist you in having properly equalized lines right out of the gate, without having to mess around with forceps, tape measures, and the like.
  • Make your sets indoors if you can do so. I've made a lot of sets after hours at work using the long hallways outside my office. If you lack sufficient room, you can just loop the lines around smooth objects like doorknobs and such. Making lines indoors is much more comfortable and leads to fewer potential mishaps (snags on environmental objects, dog attacks, passersby tangling things up, etc.) than doing it outside.
  • Leave a little extra line dangling out of the end of the sleeving on one end of the lines, and properly finish the other end. Use the finished end to attach to the kite, and make any adjustments from the end with the extra line. This way, you minimize snags at the handle end but can easily adjust for line creep without having to get out the sleeving needle and possibly lose it in the field.
  • Save money on sleeving by buying only one color (white) and marking different lines/sets with different color sharpies.
  • Make sure that each line (not just each pair of lines) in a set has individual markings that allow you to very easily distinguish one line from another. This helps a ton when untangling lines later.
  • Not a linemaking tip per se, but when you do get tangles, it's much, much easier to undo them if you leave the lines attached to both the kite and the handles. It helps keep tangles from getting worse as you're trying to undo them. (A common problem, at least for me.)

Have fun!

Great advice. Thanks a million and I will give it my best shot.

Rich (aka Trikky) :o)

In Topic: How to make new lines

03 November 2009 - 03:45 AM

Thanks for the link' I'll check it out later today :)