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B-Series Vented short video

Yesterday, 01:50 AM



Revolutions Kites B-Series Vented with 4 wrap frame, in wind around 10-15 mph with some higher blows. but drop almost to zero some times..
I had problems getting sharp turns and load the sail, my guess was the line was to heavy, they are 200# 100 feet. they were some I borrowed from another kite flyer. in only had 90# 65ft  in my bag, was no sure they was strong enough.




B-Series pro windrange

13 September 2014 - 08:08 AM

I have a question it maybe stupid..


for two years ago i got a set of b-series pro STD, mid vented and vented.

the std have a black race rods

mid vented have green race rods

vented have green race rods


but i do have 2,3 and 4 wrap normal rods to.


i did not get much fly time with because did damage my should in a car accident. not able to fly for almost two years.

so my shoulder if almost as good as new. the doctors have say i can use it normal again..


But on rev site under specification they only tell you the wind rage for  2 and 3 wraps.. i guess the i can look under the normal b-series to see the 4 wrap to get the wind range. but i don't how 

what wind rage the the race rods are meant for hope you can help me.. so i can get back out and fly revs...