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Rod Snapped

22 September 2007 - 05:07 PM

I bought a Rev 1.5 SLE at the LongBeach Kite Festival last month.

On my fourth flight my horizonal rod snapped about 6 inches from the left edge.

Needless to say I am disappointed. The kite hit the ground a few times do to my newbie flying but nothing out of the normal. Does this sound like a faulty piece or is their something I could have did? I am fairly sure it did not hit any objects like rocks and such, it was in an open soccer field when it happened.

My question is is their an warranty on this part from Revolution?

If so, do I take it back to the store I bought it from or send it directly to Revolution?

If their is no warranty can I buy just one rod and not the whole set or is that a bad idea? Approximate price for replacement?

Thanks in advance.

Technically my second purchase

07 September 2007 - 01:44 PM

OK I am a newbie and currently have the following:

Rev 1.5 SLE
standard handles
two lines sets of 45 and 75 - I did the unspeakable and cut a 120 cause it will be a while before I am flying with iQuad :)

I live in Gig Harbor WA, USA. I have flown my kite and the LongBeach Kite Festival and one other time here near the Narrows Bridge (but wind was erratic and so was I )

I could be wrong but most of the time I dont think we have enough clean wind to fly the SLE all the time so I ordered a REV SUL from WindPower Sports online.
It hasnt shipped yet so I was just making sure I am doing the right thing.

My ears are open.