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22 September 2007 - 08:45 PM

Thanks for the quick turn around on advice.

I have attached a photo to show you guys.

Attached File  brokenLeadingEdge.jpg   70.74KB   171 downloads

Also it broke on a Vented Rev 1.5 so wind wasnt the issue, I would be lucky if I hit 12mph when it broke.

I will look into 1/4 for sure. I might spend the $17 to replace the part though anyway so I have a complete 2nd set if something like this happens again. In fact I will probably contact Revolution to see about replacement since I can say in all honesty I did not sit on it or anything like that. For all I know the damage could have happened during shipping or at the kite store, cause I am sure Revolution has some Quality Control.

Also I just noticed that my Leading Edge might be 7/16 according to this link of my kite: http://www.midwestki.....item_id=1tzjg

Is this the correct replacement part then http://www.midwestki.....item_id=1cjqr ?