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In Topic: Double Progressive Stack

07 July 2009 - 08:19 PM

I'm thinking the axle will work. I too have axled the single progressive stack. First to the left, slight pause, then back to the right. Should have seen Rescue's face :lol: I said, "see, theres enough wind to fly it." Then I started flying in reverse and he called me a Weasel. :lol: 2008 Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival ;)

I did kinda almost attempt an axle with the double. I personally fly with alot of brake. Especially on stacks that pull that hard. Personal style I guess. John (RescueRev) uses 15" handles when he fly's his stack. I really can't stand the feel of the 15's. I'd like to try my 13" Pro handles. I'm pretty sure that with my handles and my prefered brake setting I'll be able to axle it without a spotter. I have a problem with leverage with the 15's. I started to give it the input for an axle and felt the wind come up just slightly. Just slightly enough that only the 1st 3 kites half axled. :blushing: the other 3 just kinda flopped. But that one attempt (kinda) told me what needs to happen to axle successfully.
Basically it's like with dual line kites. Smaller kites take smaller quicker inputs. The bigger the kite, the slower more fluid you need to be to get the same result. Make sense? So the Double will take more of a smooth arm movment rather than a quick wrist flick.
Would I have a claim to fame if I can do it and get it on video? :lol:


I got $20 that says Dean will axle my double stack. I have also decided to go to 13" handles and I will let everyone know how that works out. I would try to axle my stack but I don't have enough time left on mother earth to untangle that mess :lol:

In Topic: Double Progressive Stack

04 July 2009 - 05:06 PM

[quote name='Jonesey' date='Jul 4 2009, 11:27 AM' post='53974']
Wow ... cool set up .... I love my progressive (same colours) and was thinking about doubling it up one day ... what lines where you flying off? and when can I have a go ;)

I was using 100' 200# line. Anytime you are in my area you would be welcome to give it a go. This thing flies really well thanks to the set up and tuning Dean750 put on it. Dean was the first to fly it due to an injury to my left shoulder. I can't waite to fly it again :)


In Topic: Double Progressive Stack

04 July 2009 - 08:38 AM


More importantly what did you think of it ? :)


I think it is a very cool kite as long as the wind is 10mph or under. I have always look in awe at stacks flying on the beach and new someday I would have a stack. It flies great and is easy to control as long as the wind is a soft and easy breeze. If the wind is gusting to over 10 mph it will pull just like Dean said. I know my turn is coming to be dragged down the beach and at that point my opinion might change a little :confused!: But for now I think it is pretty cool.

In Topic: Double Progressive Stack

03 July 2009 - 10:14 PM

It's not mine, and I'm not really into the whole power kite thing. But once the handles are in my hands and the tunes come on I just wanna spank this new stack. It's going to fly in reverse, and it WILL axle at least once. It will, it will!!! :lol: Some day we'll figure out the camera and get some video.
Serious pull outta this stack. 5 mph is enough to feel like a 1.5 in 20 or so. 10 to 15, sitting on my arse with my heels planted this thing slid me uncontrollably. The kite was in control, but I couldn't stop sliding forward no matter what I tried.


Well 50 boxes of donuts can cure your arse being pulled down field :w00t:

In Topic: kiting insults

30 May 2009 - 08:23 PM

On the contrary, I think the ground does a bang up job stopping the kite! :w00t:

OK my turn.

You said that kite had brakes and could fly backwards. So why did you land it like a lawn dart? :w00t: