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#58096 Cool video

Posted by Choccy on 07 September 2009 - 04:41 AM

There are some intresting moves. Looked really cool!!

This is the work of Polo (FR). :)

At 1 minute, that's the move based on FLIC's "molecular exchange" - rotating kisses - there's a video of them demonstrating this somewhere from the Berck festival.

The Flying Squad also use a similar move in their routines - also available online somewhere.

And Jade joined us at Dunstable festival this year to try the "Perpetual motion" move also based on a similar concept of passing on 'energy' back and forth with the rotating kisses which was a lot of fun.

Try it :)

#58088 Solent Kite Flyers

Posted by Choccy on 07 September 2009 - 02:18 AM

Team stuff was great fun and Choccy's micro-rev still has me smiling

Great day again yesterday.... good to see new and old faces again
A combination of individual flying, pairs and team throughout the day.

I was so impressed by Mike's buzzer kite that I can't wait for christmas - order is going in ;) :D

Some surprise fun was had on Tine's gift to Mike - SS :D

Jonesey got to test fly his stack of invisibles which plays tricks on your eyes :lol:
and he totally failed to "pentangle" our stack of 5 quad 2s which gave him more reasons to grin.

Well done to us all for staying in the sky during our team meddly~muddly. :)
It was my first time leading a follow with 'novice' flyers in a team of this size.
It was good to put theory into practice.
So thanks for giving me the opportunity to add to my own learning curve too.

Oh and BigBri's box of chocolates went down a treat, thanx Bri ;)

Don't suppose any of you found a black winder on the field ? - mine fell out my back pocket - must get some deep pockets like JB's ;)

No matter if no one found it as I've just taken receipt of a surprise collection of hand made winders :D


Posted by Choccy on 04 September 2009 - 12:39 AM

We have some beautiful photos of some incredible kites and moments in kiting.. some a few rev fliers were lucky enough to experience!

Congratulations to you Mousie, Sherri and all at AKA for producing a beautiful calendar.

Thank you for all your hard work, and for selecting Foop's photo.
It has been a real pleasure to work with you all :blue-love:

I wish to thank Foop for being such a great sport in balancing precariously on a slippery groyne post,
on a cold evening on the English south coast to grab a photograph us flying revs at sunset :wub:

best wishes
C&G - Mr & Miss November ;)

#57562 PORTSMOUTH 2009

Posted by Choccy on 28 August 2009 - 09:53 AM

then a bunch of single liners turned up flying either side of me
they had been approached to put some kites up for the BBC

Kite festival has just been advertised on BBC south today news.

Only showed dual line kites alas.

Still nice the festival got a mention :D

Ummm just spotted "Uniquely Singapore" Lah!

#57554 Ultra no snag Handles

Posted by Choccy on 28 August 2009 - 08:23 AM

... now just need to get my pink shirts of the washing lines and pack my rev bag and its Pompey time!

Don't forget to get your doughnuts before hand ;) :kid_devlish:

I bet they won't be as fancy as your pink handbag ;) :) :D :kid_devlish:

#57541 who are Team RevRiders

Posted by Choccy on 28 August 2009 - 03:45 AM

Does anybody know who they are?

clue: in the credits ;)

#57452 PORTSMOUTH 2009

Posted by Choccy on 27 August 2009 - 12:36 AM

I think there are a couple of guys looking to get a Princess jealous :wacko:

No need to get all Blue about it ;)

#57450 PORTSMOUTH 2009

Posted by Choccy on 26 August 2009 - 11:28 PM

Any webcam to work, to see something?

Hola Fernan

Really going to miss you guys not coming over for this festival.

The only webcam I can find is pointing at the big pointy Spinnaker tower away from the festival site :blue-confused:

Thank you for thinking of us.
Hope you've had a great summer flying season. :D

#57338 easier line moving

Posted by Choccy on 26 August 2009 - 04:50 AM

Find it much easier to release and change knots on the pigtail.


I was the same in the freezing winter, the last thing your frozen fingers want to do is spend a lot of time trying to remove the lines,
so I just add an other simple knot on the ends of all my sleeving lines seen in this pic.

It does mean my lines are now slightly shorter than other flyers :blue_wink:

#57150 PORTSMOUTH 2009

Posted by Choccy on 24 August 2009 - 01:42 PM

Ok, so we have a schedule for the festival here

5 more 'gerups' ;)

#56366 PORTSMOUTH 2009

Posted by Choccy on 13 August 2009 - 12:12 PM

And I jus tfound a nice little video from a few years back

ThanX for posting Simon.

Ooooh that was the year The Crazy Drivers flew to "Fresh" ;)

and TFS flew 4 stacks of 7 with tails B)

Great times

#56115 PORTSMOUTH 2009

Posted by Choccy on 11 August 2009 - 05:33 AM

Portsmouth Kite Festival, at Southsea is on the bank holiday weekend of 29th to 31st August.

as Bigbri would say..... 17 more gerrups or there abouts ;) :) :D

To whet your appetite: The Flying Squad 2006 B)


#32687 REV shots with famous landmark backgrounds!

Posted by Choccy on 24 October 2008 - 01:17 AM

Finally managed to get one Rev out on our little trip - here's some pics of us flying in the Valley of The Gods

Howdy Ant :)

Glad you finally got some flying in.

Great pictures/flying/location.... (as ever) :D

It's been fantastic following your journey through the desert so far ;)
Watch out for those huge spiders :lol:

Have fun,
See ya soon

#32486 REV shots with famous landmark backgrounds!

Posted by Choccy on 22 October 2008 - 08:46 AM

It's not a famous landmark, but the Cape Mudge Lighthouse on Quadra Island is in a very scenic location.

Really nice location Steve.... (lucky you) :)

Look what your Little Red rev II found to fly near by whilst on vacation:
Godrevy island lighthouse, SW England (famous for it's smugglers coves and pirates) :D

Team flying on rev IIs is manic fun :w00t:

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#23218 The humble ground stake

Posted by Choccy on 26 June 2008 - 01:53 AM

The trouble is (especially at festivals) children are very interested in the golf ball stakes and more so the duck Quackers.
The brighter the colour the more they are attracted to it (nightmare when lines/handles are being set up).

So if I were to have a massive diamond/swarovski crystal as my 'designer' piece, then that would be even more of a magpie's delight :lol: (not so humble).

Similarly a teddy bear; not sure I'd like the idea of the metal bit going inside them!
How about a dragon ground stake ? too spiky.

Guess I'll have to put up the boring golf ball one.
I now carry 2 of them on my belt. (Had to buy a belt especially to carry them!).

I like Sailor's pool ball but that is set ontop of the most massive spike (large diameter)!

Maybe I should go for a dice, with lucky 6 on top.
How about a Rubik Cube or similar puzzles like Mefferts Megaminx, Tetramix or Skewb. :kid_content: